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Berlin   Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Former #1 Steam Inventory Owner by value :p ~2016
500k+ Inventory Showcase
Where's all now? I cashed out most of it. Only like 30k left on an storage alt. ^-^
Im a forsen sub btw
Beware of impersonators! Got some.. (And I'm not a turk! ._.)
Keep in mind that i can only sign/comment 15 times a day! :c
Please comment why you're adding me! If not it can be that I decline.
But even then its likly that I decline you :p Not interested for playmates or random trading. How I got my inventory?
=>"Trading and gambling". No duping, scamming or any other kind of illegal acting! I would be marked/banned somewhere if that would be the case!!

>>If you manage to get my trade url without me having in your friendlist, I'll simply block and decline you. Im not even accepting donations :v

(Im not on any social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter!)
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I wrote that 4Head

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7+8=15 (:
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911 420 420 sound like good numbers to me
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АДЫГ! 10 hours ago 
дай пж тигр нож
sQubannyY_PL Dec 11 @ 1:54pm 
Proszę o bayonet m9 tiger
XxziomekPLxX CsGoBig.Com Dec 11 @ 10:06am 
pls karambit ultraviolet
can i have one knife please?
Perzot hellcase.com Dec 10 @ 7:35am 
Pls give me some knives or key pls :D
Maniux27 cs money.pl Dec 10 @ 7:13am 
Pls give me knife or key pls