United Kingdom (Great Britain)
˙❤‿❤˙Tlinker™: discord and ow chill
✨ S7EN_: my body is ready ;3;

Tinker™: lets set it today
Tinker™: Sven,
Tinker™: will
Tinker™: you marry me?
snem: :o
snem: yes i do
snem: :*Ü
Tinker™: really?
Tinker™: this big moment and you make a grammatical error
snem: You want me as your spouse or nah? >:/
Tinker™: sorry
Tinker™: yes i do
snem: ^^
Tinker™: do you give me your permisson to be my lawful wedded wife?
snem: yes
Tinker™: sweet
Tinker™: you are 100% sober right?
snem: i wish i wasnt xD
Tinker™: BOI
Tinker™: wait no thats good
Tinker™: wait no its bad
snem: :D
Tinker™: im confused#
ℋεʟʟø ✝нεяε

Country-England (pure Britishness right here)
Sex- Male
Sexuallity-Straight Me and Sven have a fantasy marriage

I am the founder of the Highlander team Mando Star.

This is what i listen to whilst getting ready for my officials and scrims

Add my battlenet Tinker#21629
Current rank- Diamond
Tank main with a bit of DPS

ETF2L Highlander
ETF2L Open Highlander season 9: Mando Star- Engie- 26th
ETF2L Open Highlander season 10- Mando Star- Heavy-15th
ETF2L Highlander open #2- Mando Star- Heavy- Knocked out of groups
ETF2L Highlander open #2- SS.disaster- Heavy- Knocked out round of 16
ETF2L Open Highlander season 11- After Deadline Heavy 21st
ETF2L- Mid Highlander season 12- Im a mid spy- Engie 17th

ETF2L 6s
ETF2L 6s season 23: Mando Shard-Main Scout Team Disbanded mid way

UGC Highlander Season 18 Steel- Afraid of technology- Pyro- Left the team due to exams
UGC Highlander Season 19 Iron- Mando Star- Heavy 19th
UGC Highlander Season 20 Steel- After Deadline Heavy 18th
UGC Highlander Season 22 Steel- After Deadline Engie & Heavy 8th Second round of playoffs
UGC Highlander Season 23 Silver-After Deadline Heavy

UGC Overwatch season 3- Ghandi eSports- Zarya, Reindhardt 4th

Favorite Logs

Rulles about adding me
Feel free to randomly add me just dont be that kind of friend who never talks
If there is a reason for adding me, dont be afraid of telling me
I am a friendly perosn, i wont judge you or be a dick untill i know you. Not saying ill be a dick but theres a chance i might be.

Favorite Quotes

Danny-I know what it's like to get wound up in work, and I know what it feels to fall apart and be literal trash, I've gonna days without sleep, I've forgotten to eat, trust me when I say this:
Take care of yourself, alright? if not for you, for your friends and family.
Because People care about you, I know that because we're some of them!

Shaak-Theres people in Swindon
Chris-No its just Dan and all of his sheep

Dan-Swiggyty swooty goin' for Toots booty

Toto:Whenever I use normal boxers. My dick gets stuck and if you try to lift your legs. You crush your balls

Toto:Serious dong problems

Chris: It's like a battery pack, but for my dick

Me- You shouldn't eat your necklass, its a choking hazard.
Chloe- You're a choking hazard.
Me- ...
Chloe- because whenver you say something i choke on spit
Me- Who's spit?
Chloe- Im going to stop talking, you're gonna destroy me-
Me- (Left the room)

The story of my sister and why she should not play games
Sister- I have a problem
Me-What is it?
Sister- I am stuck on this level
Me- What does it say to do
Sister- Well this guy chasses me (A thing from Outlast) and i have to run away from it but my person is so slow
Me- Then sprint
Sister- I think the keyboard is broken because it is telling me to do LShift (meaning the left shift) and whenever i do it i dont go any faster
Me- ... (at this point i was just having a heart attack and my brain was losing all its cells.)
Sister- can i borrow your keyboard
Me- Give me that one and i will show you where LShift is

Sven's Wonderful Wall Of Quotes

<18:02:43> "[S7EN] S7EN": *trinkerd*

˙❤‿❤˙Tlinker™: discord and ow chill
✨ S7EN_: my body is ready ;3;

You can just call me the Big Black

Why did you kill him, I was going to punch him with my foot

Let me load it up so i can see you in action, get the big guns out ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I can be a monk becuase i am half asain, i will live on an Island with you

Ill brb, i need to go grab myself some pant. Alright, now i have some baggy joggers on, lets go

Me- Happy birthday to your mum, send her my love
Sven- Thank you, will teeher in a sex
Me- Whatever floats your boat sven.
Sven- *tell her in a sex

Snem-I sexually indentify as a tower, thank you very much.

Sven-Download Paladins
Sven-Send nudes
Me- Which one you want me to do first
Sven- Download first, save teh nudes for later.

Have a good day

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nice steam profile ecks dee
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Hey man, maybe you want to join my ETF2L open team as a heavy main I saw your recruitment post, If you wanna talk just add me
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You seem like a nice fella. Here, have a high-five. In the face. With a chair.
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