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fucking 5 pinger

Go by the aliases of
or some random autistic shit i meme with

AFC10 Div 3 participant on keklft as scout
AFC12 Div 3 participant on Hidden Egos as pocket
AFC13 Div 2 on Absolute Territory as Pocket(Disbanded mid season)
2nd Place GIC HL tournament as solly

no brain
no aim
u guessed right
solly main

context: me and him in MGE i beat him thrice, he started using shotgun
10:25 PM - n0.: i havent had this much fun playing mge in a long time
10:25 PM - n0.: xd
10:25 PM - Crooked: wtf
10:25 PM - Crooked: i havent had this much tilt
10:25 PM - n0.: HAHHAHAHAH
10:29 PM - Crooked: u trigger me
10:29 PM - n0.: how LOL
10:32 PM - Crooked: u just
10:32 PM - Crooked: unlocked
10:32 PM - Crooked: eu crooked
10:32 PM - n0.: HAHHAHAHA
10:33 PM - Crooked: yes
10:33 PM - n0.: HAHAHHAHA
10:33 PM - Crooked: iven ever wanted to rape someone
10:33 PM - Crooked: so badly

Crooked: hi im n0 im a god at rowing
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5 ping rockets 150 ping brain
haha kms
im pretty done with this game tbh

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flonk and packet Mar 16 @ 12:10pm 
sed tbh
144hz 144dpm Mar 16 @ 12:02pm 
rip Anchan Fan Club 2018-2018
144hz 144dpm Mar 10 @ 9:30am 
I finished High School DxD in a single day where do I redeem my div 1 medal?
144hz 144dpm Mar 10 @ 9:25am 
haha kms
im pretty done
lol jk
im div one
yumenotobira Mar 10 @ 9:04am 
i finished love live in 1 day give me medal
flonk and packet Mar 10 @ 9:03am 
u w1lker now