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Scorp Jun 22 @ 4:17pm 
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Nick Crompton Jun 18 @ 6:18am 
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Nick Crompton Apr 8 @ 12:28pm 
dude, how about you go fucking lift or work out instead of posting this dumb crap on here everyday. you literally spam my fucking steam feed non stop with this moronic self loathing. Go outside, run a lap, do some push ups, stop jacking off, and talk to a girl. Guarenteed youll leave this cancerous watering hole in an instant once you get some female interaction. Good luck, or as you fucking weeaboos say... "Sayonara"
PicketNos Mar 8 @ 9:59am 
"top 10 anime grills"
ENE Feb 21 @ 7:53pm 
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