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"Falconwing3 is a entity that reflects a locked away side of a shy introverted young boy that sits in his chair to play video games every day who is the epitome of the emotions locked away that are not appropriate to express in public. He often is only found on the anonymous web using game services like Steam and Playstation and plays with a few of his friends every once and a while. His friends think he's somewhat of a nutcase and in that sense they are right. Some of the online players think he's an ***hole while others think he's a nice guy. Both of these statements are true due to his inconsistant behavior on the internet. He has four base emotions, the first is the need to assist people and to be a decent person while striving to be charismatic which happens quite rarely and usually only happens with those he considers "friendly", the second is boredom or desire to not be involved with anything which is his base emotion. The third is usually a sadistic side to him in which he secretly wishes to cause chaos and murder under the guise of his calm side and is seen as a combination of his second and fourth emotion often using a exquisite library of vocabulary and often potrays himself as some sort of gentlemen for some reason and is shown in cases of trolling, murdering, being salty, and being to lazy to write in caps. The fourth is a violent bloodthirsty side in which he STRIVES for the bloodlust and ThE NEED TO SLAUGHER AAND MAAAIM THE PEOPLE AROUND HIM AND TO CANNIBALIZE ON THE LIMBS WHILE DRIVING AROUND A MEAT WAGON AND EXPRESSES MYSELF THROUGH CAPITAL LETTERS SINCE THERE IS NO OPTION TO SPEAK THROUGH THE MONITOR CAUSE THATS NOT WHERE THE VOICES SPEAK and also uses a special text generator with distorted text in special occasions. Falconwing3 often shows himself as a "tuxedo wearing horse humanoid" and insist that he is actually a horse with two legs and the mindset of a human that is named Sir Fish Fish. His tuxedo . Falconwing3 does not show himself in public much but does exist in the form of a horse mask sitting next to the introverted young man ready to go outside and cause mayhem across the world. The young introverted man also considers him a psychopathic ***hole.

-Damn Right!
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I do SFM poster request. Comment or message me your request and I'll get to it when I feel like
working. All posters are free but donations are much appreciated.
● STEAM_0:1:94096772
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Steam Rep [steamrep.com]
● Battlenet : Falconwing3 #1730 (Occasionally play SC2)
Backpack.tf [backpack.tf]
● Discord: Falconwing3 #6743
Gamebanana [gamebanana.com]
Playstation [my.playstation.com] (Before I played PC)
PC Build [pcpartpicker.com]
TF2 Hud [toonhud.com] (If you're really intrested)
Custom Steam skin [editor.steamcustomizer.com] (Switched to compact skin)
● SFM poster request: Read above
● Donations: If you're throwing your money away, throw tf2 items at me since I might actually use them

Also have Steam mobile on so I can read comments and see offers any time of the day

- If you wish to add me for some reason:

ᴵ ᵈᵒᶰ'ᵗ ʳᵉᵃᶫᶫʸ ᶜᵃʳᵉ ʷʰᵃᵗ ᶫᵉᵛᵉᶫ ʸᵒᵘ ᵃʳᵉ ᵃᶰᵈ ˢᵗᵘᶠᶠ
ᴶᵘˢᵗ ᵈᵒᶰ'ᵗ ᵃᵈᵛᵉʳᵗᶦᶻᶦᶰᵍ ˢᵒᵐᵉ ˢᵒʳᵗᵃ ᶜʳᵃᵖᵖʸ ᶜˢᵍᵒ ᵍᵃᵐᵇᶫᶦᶰᵍ ˢᶦᵗᵉ ᶜᵃᵘˢᵉ ᴵ ʳᵉᵃᶫᶫʸ ᵈᵒᶰ'ᵗ ᵍᶦᵛᵉ ᵃ ᵈᵃᵐᶰ ⁽ᵃᶰᵈ
ᴵ ʰᵃᵛᵉ ᶰᵒ ᵐᵒᶰᵉʸ).


◦ I am a horse
◦ I play video games
◦ I am also a horse
◦ If you've got a problem then I'll tell everyone you're racist against horses.

◦ Somedays I'm a jerk
◦ Somedays I'm generous
◦ Somedays I'm a tryhard (not really)
◦ Somedays I'm a tryeasy
◦ Somedays I'm salty
◦ Somedays I feel like being an ***hole (quite often)
◦ Somedays I feel like doing something with my life (which never happens)
◦ Somedays I feel like helping people
◦ Somedays I feel like I want to cure cancer
◦ Somedays I feel like I want to get cancer
◦ Somedays I feel like killing myself again

◦ Somedays I ask why I torture myself and others by being a part of this god awful and intricately
beutiful plane of existance
◦ Hell, I'm not even a physical being I'm only as real as some jackass thinks I am
◦ I can't kill myself even though I've died over a thousand times
◦ And the misery will never end nomatter what I try

◦ Everyday is another day
◦ Everyday can be the day you do something with your life
◦ Everyday can always get worse
◦ Everyday can always get better
◦ You may be asking where am I going with this.
◦ Well....
◦ I don't know.
◦ I'm just typing random crap that is going through my head that sounds smart.
◦ Am I sounding smart?
◦ How am I supposed to know.
◦ Am I talking to myself?
◦ Yes.
◦ Are you insane?
◦ I think I probably am and I'm not ashamed of it
◦ Shouldn't you ask the reader?
◦ No not really cause they don't care....
◦ Ask them anyways since you might get one worthwhile comment...
◦ Who said anything about comments...
◦ I'll also give you a imaginary cookie!

◦ Reader am I insane?
◦ Tell me in the comments.
◦ Or you could just copy and paste cancer into the comments.
◦ That's fine I guess.

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Telephone Nov 20 @ 2:28pm 
give me a sfm poster of me
ғᴀʟcᴏɴwιɴɢℨ Nov 11 @ 2:13pm 
ive been living dough
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is it the falconwing that is liv?
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u were the only cool one rip leaf died 11/1/17
Nexius Nov 1 @ 5:48am 
+rep got sp00ked