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V͎̼̗̥̹̝̹̯̥͈̟͕̗̰̻̼̻̻i̺̯̰̬e̜̣͔̼̙̳͙̲̮̼̜͚̮̜̲ͅͅw̼̱̜̩̦̻̝̜̮̱̘̼͉̞̱̞̫̥͙ ̻̤͚̜̲̝̮͉m̼̙̟͎͎͎̻̖̰̪̹o͔̲̰̪̪̱̯̗͖̱̠̗͕̣̟̟̗ͅr̩͍̤̤̘̜e̺͍͙͓̤̩͇̹̦̹̼̘͔͍ͅ ͔͍͖i̖̘͓̤̞̘̯͕n͓͙̗̖̞̯̖͕͖f̱̞̺̻̜͖o͕̘̩̣̮̥̼̮̘̘͙̙͙̮̼ͅ

"Falconwing3 is a entity that reflects a locked away side of a shy introverted young boy that sits in his chair to play video games every day. He often is only found on the anonymous web using game services like Steam and Playstation and plays with his friends every once and a while. His friends think he's somewhat of a nutcase and in that sense they are right. Some of the online players think he's an ***hole while others think he's a nice guy. Both of these statements are true due to his inconsistant behavior on the internet. Falconwing3 often shows himself as a man in a horse mask but insist that he is actually a horse with two legs and the mindset of a human that is named Sir Fish Fish. Falconwing3 does not show himself in public much but does exist in the form of a horse mask sitting next to the introverted young man ready to go outside and cause mayhem across the lands. The young introverted man also thinks he's a nutcase."

-Damn right!
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Trade Offers
Battle.net : Falconwing3 #1730 (Occasionally play SC2)
Backpack.tf [backpack.tf]
Steam Rep [steamrep.com]
Discord: Falconwing3 #6743
Gamebanana [gamebanana.com]
Playstation [my.playstation.com] (Before I played PC)
PC Build [pcpartpicker.com]
TF2 hud [toonhud.com] (If you're really intrested)
Custom Steam Skin [editor.steamcustomizer.com]
Donations: If you're throwing your money away, throw tf2 items at me since I might actually use them
SFM poster request: Post request in my comments and I'll make em when I feel like it.

Also have Steam mobile on so I can read comments and see offers any time of the day
Welcome To My Hell

I am a horse
I play video games
I am also a horse
If you've got a problem then I'll tell everyone you're racist against horses.

Somedays I'm a jerk
Somedays I'm generous
Somedays I'm a tryhard (not really)
Somedays I'm a tryeasy
Somedays I feel like being a complete ***hole (quite often)
Somedays I feel like doing something with my life (which never happens)
Somedays I feel like helping people
Somedays I feel like I want to cure cancer
Somedays I feel like I want to get cancer

Everyday is another day
Everyday can be the day you do something with your life
Everyday can always get worse
Everyday can always get better
You may be asking where am I going with this.
I don't know.
I'm just typing random crap that is going through my head that sounds smart.
Am I sounding smart?
How am I supposed to know.
Am I talking to myself?
Are you insane?
I don't know why don't you ask the reader.

Reader am I insane?
Tell me in the comments.
Or you could just copy and paste cancer into the comments.
That's fine I guess.
If you want to add me
(for some reason)
I don't really care what level you are and stuff
Just don't advertizing some sorta crappy csgo gambling site cause I really don't give a damn.

That's all and theres no reason to read this....

Still reading it

Go do something productive

Like playing more video games

Or are you just here to see if there are any secrets or hidden text of some sort

None here


Maybe some....

But I haven't decided

I bet you're getting a kick out of this

Reading me ramble about stuff.....

And things....

I'm just suprised your still reading this

Not really because I don't actually know If someone is reading this

But I might be suprised if I knew

However I know somebody on this planet is reading this

That one person happens to be you!


Do you feel special

I'm betting you said yes

Well I guess you are special cause you're different from everyone else

Cause chances of DNA and cells and stuff being exactly the same for two people is one in 8 billion

Unless you count the people that have died (or if your reading this in the future)

Then there would be more than 8 billion

So yeah you are special I guess

Not in the way the modern age has made the characterization of special sound

Which the word special placed on someone means they are retarded

And what I'm telling you is that you are special but not "Retarded" Special

Unless you are retarded

Then you have my sympathies

But ultimately you're here for the special secret phrase or something

That usually comes with descriptions like this

So here it is:

Fish :3

There you have it

Was it really that special

You probably said yes because you like to be unpredictable

Either that or you didn't say anything at all cause you are reading all this too fast

Or you're skipping lines

Either way you would say yes most likely if you stopped right now and thought about it

If you said no, that's ok

Funny thing is this next part is for those who just want to scroll through all this text

Which it's gonna be an emoticon of a duck

Which will probably satisfy people who are scrolling through this

Probably satisfy you too

It should anyways

I see no reason a duck emoticon would not satisfy anyone

However if you are not satisfied and you want to read more text, go read a book

Because this has no characters or story

It's just a description I thought might be clever or might keep people (you) entertained

So far I think I've done that cause you're still reading this

Anyways you can stay and see the duck emoticon cause I'm getting bored of typing

Just note that you won't be getting a medal for reading all this

Sorry to disappoint you

Anyways that about wraps it up

If you want to continue this imaginary conversation then you can go into the comments section

That is if you actually care

If you do care though then there is something wrong with you

Cause you should just read this wall of text and go on with your life (play video games)

So that's about it


And lastly.....

Here's the section where I throw off those people that scrolled through it

Followed by the duck emoticon:

And then somebody ran up to me and punched me in the face

Followed by a kick in the foot

And that's 50 reasons minecraft labeled me as a heterosexual

Heres a picture of a duck

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Post this on the wall of a homosexual friend and tell them how COOL they are
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Chaos Lord Raptor Jun 5 @ 5:12pm