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The Mogul
I'm buying backpacks again! Write a comment before adding me, thanks! I'm a trader in TF2, CSGO and Dota 2.
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Community's Biggest Backpack Buyer
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Owner of biggest Backpack Cashout Service on Steam
Head Admin of Backpack.tf's Dota 2 side[dota2.backpack.tf]
Owner of TF2Confidential[www.tf2confidential.com]
Co-owner of Dota2Shop[dota2shop.net]
Moderator & Restocker at TF2Shop.net
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Backpack.tf VIP Premium[backpack.tf]
Scrap.tf Donator & Lifetime Priority[scrap.tf]
TF2Outpost Premium[www.tf2outpost.com]
Dota2Lounge Donator[dota2lounge.com]
Bazaar.tf Donator & Affiliate[bazaar.tf]
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Backpack.tf Reputation[backpack.tf]
TF2-Trader Reputation[tf2-trader.com]
$150,000+ exchanged through my hands
2500+ Trades made
300+ Backpacks Bought
I was the original owner of the first Burning Unusual All Class Misc. I sold it for $6,000.[www.tf2outpost.com]
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Reliable, Fast, and Safe TF2 / Dota2 backpack buyer.
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Shittins 1 hour ago 
Whoops, accidently gave my inventory to a guy claiming to be you. People adding this dude, make sure its him.
Hamboy Ace 2 hours ago 
selling shitty tf2 backpack
Dj Skully 2 hours ago 
Selling tf2 backpack
Shittins 3 hours ago 
Selling Tf2 Backpack
fuckboy 3 hours ago 
I added you so I could trade for some CS:GO items
noraa :3 3 hours ago 
added for selling backpack
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