♥Fluffy Bellus♥
The Cat   California, United States
Just a cute kitty that loves friends and fluff~
~Miss Tsuras is my loving mistress~
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- My bdsm test results [bdsmtest.org]-
- My F-List [www.f-list.net]-

I'm a male, 19yo bi switch! If you love to erp, need a master or pet, or just love to chat, go ahead and add me!

If you're upset I removed you without saying a word, just re-add me, no hard feelings.
Pet me! [please.pet]

-Having subby pets
-Having assertive doms
-Having REALLY subby pets
-My darling mistress, Miss Tsuras
-Naughty pictures ;3
-Proper spelling and grammar
- This person makes me wet
-Hotline Miami, Undertale, Hl2, Portal, Borderlands,
- This sexy person~

-Being ignored in chat
- Scat, gore, diapers, gas, vomit, and some other fetishes
-People who are hardly online
-Competitive games
-People who can't spell or form sentences properly
-People who add then ignore

Some sexy people I love <3
My Horny Dragon Mount, Kinzo
Nicole, the hung horse <3
My boy <3

For sticking in this long, have a number puzzle:
120 = Fifteen
201 + 100 = #?

And some bad jokes:
What do you call a mistake made while fixing something?
- A repairror
Why can't Abe Lincoln be sentenced for murder?
- Because he's in-a-cent

Full profile pic [e621.net]

12:33 PM - goodguyplayer: Heard of rimworld?
12:37 PM - ♥Ashe's Pet Bellus♥: no but it sounds like gay heaven

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♂ Cyan ♂ 2 hours ago 
You look like a really nice person I can hopefully get to know. uwu
Lithium Monoxide 6 hours ago 
I'm sure i'll get to love my new master~
Iris 12 hours ago 
I love my new Master, Hes so hot and loving~ The best Master a slut like me could hope for~
Ash (owned by Bellus) May 28 @ 12:21am 
i love being owned by my kind, hot loving master...hes the best
♥Fluffy Bellus♥ May 26 @ 9:10pm 
Maybe try not waiting multiple days to accept an add, then saying nothing after accepting.
Audrey May 26 @ 5:48pm 
With 266 other people added of course you would not notice a person you add accepted, I'd suggest clean your list and maybe pay attention to who you add.Good day