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hi 👀
:thefeather: hello :thefeather:

My name is Ashley, just a teenager chatting and playing with friends, and sometimes drawing! Nice to meet ya, and thanks for stopping by! uwu

:theStone: basic information :theStone:

Zodiac Sign: Leo
Birthday: August 19th
Age: 13 Age is just a number. - Cookie
Favorite Food: Bagel Bites, Dunkin' Donuts and DQ Blizzards
Favorite Animes: Fairy Tail, Danganronpa, and Noragami
Favorite Character: Lucy Heartfilia glances at ashley's earrings
Favorite Game: Dead by Daylight, Town of Salem, Friday the 13th: The Game, and more that I can't think of

:8bitheart: my freakin' fam :8bitheart:

This list is not in a order of who I like the most to who I like the least. :<

:raresecret: Little Sister uwu

My sister in real life, and the best person of all time. We understand each other a ton, and we try playing with each other, too bad she has a Mac and limits the games she can actually play with me. When we do play games it's L4D2, ROBLOX or Town of Salem.

:raresecret: Cookie e e e

COOKIE E E EE! MY FAVORITE FREAKIN' GOAT MOM! Whenever I ask her a question about Paint Tool SAI, she will help me out and it means so much. She's really good at DBD and Depth, and I enjoy playing with her alot! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH COOKIE!!

:raresecret: Snowe e e e

Where do I even start with Snowy. I met her a very long time ago, when she used to change names and OCs a ton, and our friendship started out small and we started to talk a bit to all the time when we get a chance maybe at least once per day. I adore her wierd, random yet funny personality. I love you, Snowy.


I met her last year, and we've been great friends for a long time, we talk on discord almost everyday. She taught me how to be original, and my art has improved since then. She's changed, but she's still my best friend. Thank you, Robyn. ILY

:raresecret: Dork

Creto and I met months ago, and I am glad I did. Even though he doesn't say he's nice, he totally is. I love playing DBD with him, even though sometimes I may be a bit busy or playing some other game.

:raresecret: Wierdo

I bet me Aqua could be much greater friends if it weren't for stupid time zones, so we get to spend a little time together. No matter what whenever I get the chance to talk to her, I will try to make the most of it.

:raresecret: m8m8m8

First art inspiration, and a great, funny friend. Even if we don't talk or play on games much together anymore, thanks Rufinator for being here.

:raresecret: Dillan e e e

Dillan plays dbd with me all the time, usually at nighttime it's alot of fun! He cares about me and my friends so much, I really appreciate it.

:raresecret: Shooke e e e

Shookie is one of my friends irl, and I haven't started playing with him so much in such a long time now, and he's changed so much over the time. He's really funny, and I like playing dbd or pretty much any other game with him, even though he can be a bit irritating sometimes.

:raresecret: Python™

wOAG PYTHON!!! At first, it was a really bumpy friendship, but after a while and alot of spending time together on discord, we became great friends. pray for a, gurl

i freakin' love u all!!!! c: :8bitheart:

:slash: guide :slash:

Online: I am on the computer, and available to talk to.
Away: Not at the computer, or AFK.
Busy: I am playing a non-steam game, or I am drawing. Do not bother me.
Looking For Trade : Self-explantory
Looking to Play: Once again, this is pretty self-explanatory.
In-Game: Use your logic
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