Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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3D Games Design Generalist, and Featured Games Modder
I enjoy doing what I do with games design, a lot, and possibly a weird amount.

Trained at AIE and continuing to do a third year

Used a slew of games engines such as:
Oblivion and Skyrim's Gamebryo Variants

I do 3D Modeling, Rigging, Animating, Lighting, through to Texturing.
I have also been called a Jack of all Trades, and a very technical artist toward Games Engines and their usage. Able to do very basic code with C++, Actionscript, Sourcepawn, and also commonly using flow-graph editors for programming and otherwise.
Heavily aquainted with the following programs and their addons:
Maya LT
Adobe CC (After Effects, Photoshop)
Unity3D + Pro
Substance Designer 3

I play around with modding certain games, letting my mind draw out strange things that people enjoy heavily. Been featured in places like Gamespot, Rock Paper Shotgun, Destructoid, and also Kotaku.
3D is my playground for my mind
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Workshop Showcase
A new race available to be played, the Heavy from Team Fortress 2

The model and textures are Credit to Valve(team)
The rest is my doing

I also must say, doing a Suplex move to someone as the Heavy got me into a laughing fit.

Should also add... wi
Created by - Dafini
Workshop Showcase

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