my daughter can be lebanese 👭 my son can be homer sexual👬 but I will not have a child that likes anime 😤
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bad bio
Theboyoface Mar 13 @ 10:18am 
Let it stay
TheRealWeiner(isn't-real) Mar 12 @ 10:40pm 
I third that!
Lag - ringme Mar 12 @ 4:07pm 
I second that
raisins lft Mar 12 @ 2:31pm 
please delete your fucking profile description
raisins lft Mar 9 @ 2:02am 
HELLER!!!! My name is therealweiner, People call me weiner, or xXpootispounderXx, or largebrainpyromain... mostly largebrainpyromain... i am 13. annnd i ♥ screamo,. people think im messed up in the head cus i like team sigma, i say well fuck u.! i am weird. i am scene! NOT EMO im scene!!!!!!!!! get it straight. i love texting peoplez! so give me ya number and ill tex u. :D i am taken right now . hes my love of my life♥his name is b4nny, i luv him so much!!!!!!! i die my hair alot. so i might change colours, i loveeeee black and blue so if u buy me somthing and its black and blue ill give u a big hug!! lol i am not a girlygirl. AT ALL. i dont rly like pink, annnnnd i ♥ GuMmYbEaRS!!!!!!!!! THERE AUSUME!!!! i have alot of freinds im one of the guirls who is random!!!!!