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(I'll always ask for skins) :csgogun::csgoanarchist:
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Harreh Jan 15 @ 7:45am 
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If you are a beautiful strong black woman, someone will put this in your comments.
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Why Care | Flick.gg Jan 5 @ 2:06pm 
+rep Good Player/ Awesome and friendly guy
EncY Flick.GG Jan 2 @ 10:29am 
you know:P
✼ lum1nou5 -M- ASUSROG Jan 2 @ 10:28am 
golden boiiiis
Aaron Dec 22, 2016 @ 10:40am 
According to all known laws
of aviation,
there is no way a bee
should be able to fly.
Its wings are too small to get
its fat little body off the ground.
The bee, of course, flies anyway
because bees don't care
what humans think is impossible.
Yellow, black. Yellow, black.
Yellow, black. Yellow, black.
Ooh, black and yellow!
Let's shake it up a little.
Barry! Breakfast is ready!
Hang on a second.
- Barry?
- Adam?
- Oan you believe this is happening?
- I can't. I'll pick you up.
Looking sharp.
Use the stairs. Your father
paid good money for those.
Sorry. I'm excited.
Here's the graduate.
We're very proud of you, son.
A perfect report card, all B's.
Very proud.
Ma! I got a thing going here.
- You got lint on your fuzz.
- Ow! That's me!
- Wave to us! We'll be in row 118,000.
- Bye!
Barry, I told you,
stop flying in the house!
- Hey, Adam.
zzzz Dec 19, 2016 @ 8:09pm