Crazy ⚡ CSGO500
Vᴇʀɪғɪᴇᴅ ᴜsᴇʀ ✔️   Portugal
      •● W E L C O M E TO M Y P R O F I L E ●•

Nick: Crazyk!LL3r º_º
Games: Counter Strike 1.6 and GO
Fav.Maps: Dust2,Inferno,Nuke,Mirage,etc,...
Cheats: Aimbot ON´...Wh ON´...SpeedHack ON´
Skill: Com estes cheats todos nao preciso de Skill xD

Always Trying:

Crazykill3r .|. ®
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Τελευταία σύνδεση 45 ώρες, 49 λεπτά πριν
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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I’m a nice person and a trustable guy!
Wanna trade? add me to talk
Hidden profiles = blocked.
I will ignore if you're level 0 at Steam.
I will ignore if you don't have any items that interest me.
I know my prices so don't try to tell me how much it's worth.
I know all the scam methods , don't even try to scam me because you gonna lose your time!
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Try2KillMe 7 Σεπ 2016 στις 16:23 
swerldeN- ツ 29 Μαϊ 2016 στις 9:33 
+rep really cool player,and friendly
DG. LOSS' & IRMAO 25 Μαϊ 2016 στις 14:04 
Olha? Nice Frend and Fast trader <3
Mr. Key🔑 21 Μαϊ 2016 στις 14:11 
+rep for real dowgrade
Yuyu 21 Μαϊ 2016 στις 5:06 
+rep nice and fast trader :)
De base je sais tous 19 Μαϊ 2016 στις 5:46 
+rep The best guy a never meet :)