The Polite Terrorist Cow
Gudder Obber McDinkinson   Alberta, Canada
Will: "Bro where are you from? Fucking Nigeria?!" Random: "Columbus" Cody: "SAME SHITHOLE!"
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Devote: "OOOOH I caught a catshark MEOW!!!"
Devote: "Ahhh Fuck! Son of a Bitch!" *pause* "Well that was interesting." *Everyone in TS* "What?" Devote: "I just fucking fell out of my chair."
Devote: "Is that another mosquito? I swear that guy is doing a fucking driveby."
Skye: "Oh my God your brother plays League? What a fucking loser."


*Frog turns on his voice-changer to high-pitch settings* Frog: "Hey guys!" Skye: "Oh my fucking god! Its so fucking CUTE!!"

*Devote's snake falls out of its cage* Devote: "You stupid bitch! The fuck are you doing?!" *Picks the snake up* "Dumbass".
Devote: "Hey Penguin is an Indian. He has the nose of one" *TS Explodes*
Devote: "Wait, the little mosquitos can bite?" Pride: "Yeah" Devote: "Oh fuck. Come here buddy, I'm gonna fuck you raw."

*Jack had a dream* Jack: "So anyways, I was A-Sexual and had to defend the Nike socks from all the straight people who were trying to kill the socks..."

Pride: "Its like a pedophile on a plane" Cow: "Samuel L. Jackson is back for more!" Pride: "Get these muthafukin pedos off my muthafuckin plane!"

Jack: "Pride, are you having flashbacks of Vietnam again?" Devote: "Shut the fuck up Jack".
Penguin: "Tell your boss that I have a condom if she needs it cuz I sure as hell am not gonna use it.... my life is depressing"
Cody: "Oh God they said GG they must be hacking"
*Cody wins a super ugly clutch* Cody: "God dude, I think my balls went into my fucking throat right then", Supreme: "Dude, I swear I felt your balls in my fucking throat" *akward laughing* ... *silence*
Sunny: "csgo? 4/5 =D" Cow: "not atm" Sunny: "okays xD" Cow: "busy fucking a radish" Sunny: "............................... o_O"
Balsac ft. CSGO: "Jase, buy an AWP. Everyone else ...... fuck em' up"
Pride: "You know who you remind me of? Stiffler." Devote: "From..." Cow: "American Pie? Thats a compliment there Devote." Devote: "Yeah man! But that means someone has to fuck my Mom" Pride: "I'll fuck your Dad" Devote: "Sure, but he's got back problems so you gotta go light on him" Pride: "Its fine, I have back problems too so we'll be like "Ow, Ow! Ow, OW!"

*Frog starts laughing super hard and emitts a high pitch squeak* Pride: "Holy Shit are we in Jurrasic Park?!" *Cow promptly dies laughing*
*Cody is doing maths* Cody: "Holy shit, I got some Inception shit going on right here."
*Playing CSGO* Blake: "I'm back on the bottom where I belong..." Cody: "God Eeyore, be quiet!"
Will: "Who the fuck uses Instagram?! That is the deadest app ever!" Blake: "Bro, ever heard of MySpace?" *TS Explodes*
Skye: "Oh, it just went in my mouth" *silence after a really uncomfortable gag* "OK, time to clean up!"
*Gunrat gets a gay kill in H1Z1* Gunrat: "Get one pumped faggot OOOHHHH!!!"
*Talking about random shit* Skye: "I like the fact that I'm inbetween both of you" *REALLY akward silence* Gunrat: "Alt-F10! Shadowplay get over here!"
Will: "Bro where are you from? Fucking Nigeria?!" Random: "Columbus" Cody: "SAME SHITHOLE!"
Cody: "Oilers? What the fuck is that? Some Canadian frisby golf sports shit?"
Cody: "When I imagine Putin I imagine him in a brothel with a 16 inch slammer just hanging from his waist"

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Inspiring Quotes From Inspiring People:
"It comes down to rip" - Penguin2k15
"I dont care if I get banned hacking, its about the fucking principle!!" - xCodeinE
"If it looks like a fish and it smells like a fish, it sure as FUCK is not a chicken!" - xCodeinE ft. CS:GO Hacking Conversation
"I'm going to hell then because this girl is hot" - Penguin2k15
"Why the FUCK haven't I ranked up yet?!" - ★f0rtY fivE★
"You're supposed to dodge them? I thought you were supposed to hit them!!" - Ninja Frog
"He's going to moo in you" - ✪ William0k
"Hey, can I loot her washer...?" - Penguin2k15 ft. Borderlands 2
Cow: "Do you want to play the gayest game of CS ever?" Denty: "Why, are you in it?"
Denty: "We have to go see that bitch, or as I call her, Cow's mom"
"If your brain was on a scale of 1 to 10 it'd be a 9/11" - ✪ William0k
"There are no fucking penguins in the US!" - ✪ William0k
Will: "Let me change my ping." *Gets accept button* King Cunt: "Is it because you changed it to 9.11?"
Will: "How much, on a scale of 1 to..." Cow: "NOPE!"
Random: "He's hiding behind site!"
*Cody looks at a link in ts. Awkward Silence...* Cody: "How do I look at it?"
Penguin: "His forhead was massive". Cody: "Which one?"
Luci: "Its programmed for dick", Me: "It understands dick" Luci: ... "Speaking of dick..." *silence*
CodeinE: "Osama Bin Laden could have been chillin in Canada and you guys would have been like 'Fuck, free continental breakfast'".
CodeinE: "I mean, Penguin does sound like a guy with downs." Penguin: "And Cody sounds like a fat whore with a neckbeard"
M 0 l2 1 7 5 U N 3: "I'd spend it on blow and hookers" uspenguin: "Its hookers and blow you illiterate fuck!"
"...and it suddenly busts out of your pants and starts flopping around on your keyboard so you can't tywrtjudfgjktuil tiuly8ruedjtgfncvb" - Nade (online anon)
gregzorz: "This guy is like, wearing one earbud... in his mouth."
gregzorz: "You guys know how VAC works, right?" xCodeinE: "Yeah, it doesn't."
uspenguin: "I mean, I'd be down for some AIDS."
Ninja_Frog: *Changes from 16:9 to 4:3* "Oh my gosh my hands are HUGE!!!"
Cody: "So you're from like, US of Canada then, right?"
Paradox: *Talking about Geography stuff* "Cody, have you ever heard of geometry?" *Teamspeak explodes*
midget2k: "hey dick". Ninja_Froge: "Hey, You say hi to my dick before me?" midget2k: "oh shit. Sorry".
*Frog makes a noise* Cody: "Whats up Cow, I mean Penguin, I mean FUCK... FROG! Its one of you fucking animals!"
Penguin: "Yeah, we just killed a *voice crack* guy" Cow: "Did you kill him with that voice crack?"
Cow: "Even cody's daughter is calling him out." Cody: "Right? She's like, 'Dad! Get your fucking worthless peice of shit fat ass out the fucking door!'"
“Cow, what is that picture?! I hate you. Can't even.” - uspenguin
"I've done way too much cocaine in my life... But at least I still have my headset." - Cody
"Can anyone spare a little change? Thanks, I'm sure I'll try to not kill anything with it." - Supremacy ft. CSGO
"Cody: Shut up Cow. I talk to bitches and get them all day..." Penguin: "Over the phone."
Penguin: "I wish I was good at something when I was twelve, aside from beating off."
"He's right over there!" - Sparkie 2k16
*Supremacy gets stuck on a wall* "What the fuck?! What is stopping me?!" *Looks at wall; unloads a full AK47 clip* "Fuck you, you fucking peice of shit!"
*Talking about mobile games* Cody: "Its a game for telephones".
"This song sounds like two anorexic bitches finger-fucking eachother inside a bag of doritos." - Cody 2k16
Jase: "Thats the Nemo from finding Shark!" Cody: "I swear you have fucking downs some days..."
*Directed to Will* Penguin: "Let me go take a piss while he turns on his brain."
Cow: "But yeah, I'm straight." Penguin: "Sure. In the meantime you can hit Cow up at Pornhub(dot)com/sparklerainbowfaggot69"
*Addressing a CSGO God 1v1 player* "Wait, how are you doing that?! ... An ability? What is this; Skyrim?!" - Penguin
Penguin: "This mod though... I can't finger it out." Supreme: "You can't finger it out?" Penguin: "Nope, I cunt finger it out".
Cody: "How many times do you think Supremacy washes his beard?" Paradox: "Twice." Cody: "Twice?" Paradox: "Yeah. Once on New Years and once on New Years Eve."
Mamma Penguin: "He's grounded because he's getting an F in a language that he fucking grew up speaking!"
Penguin: "See, I'm pressing a button and moving. Its called intuition!"
Cody: "Tell your stepdad that I'll fight for your mom right now."
Mamma Penguin: *To Penguin* "I think you need to find real friends. Maybe you could get out and meet a nice girl."
Penguin: "Mom, you're not getting grandkids from me! Rely on Aspen instead. She'll go out and meet people and give you your grandkids, by accident, but still..."
Cody: "OMG Sparkie you have 1 fucking bullet fucking re-fucking-load!!" *1 round later* Cody: "Sparkie, get back on the fucking site!" *2 rounds later* Cody: "I'm the Jesus!!"
Cody: "Yeah, my mom is gonna be home soon too, so I should probably go clean up... *akward silence* And by my mom I mean my wife."
Cody: "Penguin, you have no place to talk. You'd probably walk into the heart of fucking Ethiopia and bang 25 bitches." Penguin: "Dude, I'm down for the Hiv. Go to STD(dot)com and you find a fine one and keep her. You win some you lose some."
Cody: "Calam punching someone in the face... he'd have a better chance spotting a unicorn in the fucking desert."
Penguin: "I'm a bad influence on myself... dammit."
Cody: *Looks at Sparkie's irl name* "...Holy shit, your parents fucked you."
Cody: *Talking to his kid* "You'd better not be getting any tattoos kid. I'll whoop that ass harder than its ever been whipped" Cody's Kid: *with sass* "Too late."
FourtyFive: "Cody!? Wanna get gay man?"
*Will is playing Dark Souls 3* Will: "OOOOH!!! Aids are falling from the sky!" Penguin: "Nades are falling from the sky?" Will: "Yes. Nades."
Solar: "What was the last time the US actually did anything of use?" Will: "Hiroshima"...
Penguin: "Welcome to the bathroom Cow!" Caleb *Giggles like a perv* "Where all the magic happens"
Caleb *Streching his arms across Penguin's closet* "Yeah, I've got some long wingspan". Penguin: "Its armspan you retard. Does it look like we have wings?"
*Penguin is giving a skype tour of his house* ; *Hops on his bed and proceeds to make violently rampant love to Cow* Penguin: "COW!!! OH COW!!! OOOHH COOOOWW!!!"
Penguin: *Talking to Sparkie* "My face is SOOOOOOOO open right now."
Penguin: "I have like, half a drink left... more like 4/8ths maybe."
Pride: "Penguin, you can't just text her and be like "I'm gonna wreck you"" *Penguin takes a picture of his tongue out and sends it to a girl* Penguin's Text: "I'm gonna wreck you"
Pride: "No, trust me, I'd bend him over and fuck him so hard that he'd be screaming 'faggot'"
Will: "Dude, there's a boob in my nipple" Cow: "Right ..."
Penguin: "Caleb, guess where I was tonight?" Caleb: "A girls house?" Penguin: "No." Caleb: "Your friends house how to get butt-raped?" *Teamspeak explodes*
*Penguin comes up to Cow in a stupid car in Scrap Mechanic* Cow: "Now see Penguin, that's not friction. That's Bullshit"
*Penguin is taking a shit over mic* Penguin: "Oooooooooooh, I'm pushing!!" Cow: "You gotta push!" Penguin: "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH" *plop in background* Penguin: "Oooh, its green".
Jack: "Are you a beat-boxer?" Devote: "Nah man" *pause* Devote: "Jigga-whip-whip" Pride: "Jigga-whip-whip?" Devote: "Yeah man. Unce Jigga-whip-whip".
Frog: "Its like Tank Sex" Penguin: "You're not allowed to say that word!" Cow: "So what is he supposed to say?" ... Pride: "Doing the Diggity".
*A chicken is outside our base in Rust* Penguin: "Roger Tango Six-Niner we have a hostile chicken outside the base. *pause* Affirmative Oscar Mango, the hostile has a sharp object on its head"

Rest in Peace CS:GO

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