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csgo is a shit fucking game full of faggot silver edge lords who think theyre cool hacking, griefing, being a faggot in general. valve doesnt give a fuck about this shit fucking game unless its about money like the gambling scene which they just fixed but they dont give a fuck about all those fucking losers that i mentioned before. as if the game wasnt bad enough becuase of how unbalanced it is and how fucking terrible the ranking system is, it also has the biggest population of toxic fucking nerds who think theyre good when they get their first 3k thinking theyre fucking gods at the game. literally 4/5 silver games contain a hacker, toxic faggot, griefing shithead and generally retarded fucking nerds who havent been outside in the past 87 months since their moms died of cancer or some shit. im glad that the shit fuckign skin market is going to crash because hopefully in turn it will result in the entire game just dying because of how fucking bad it is. its also great that the cooldowns are retardedly long and that they dont even fucking make sense most of the time anyways. in conclusion csgo is probably the most corrupt, unbalanced, shit fucking game literally ever created. i would rather slit my wrists for the rest of eternity than play this shit ever again
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