Zachary B, Also know as "TheKing4562"   Florida, United States
The song right before all those ropes come out of nowhere and fill up the world.

Feature games = Games I'm playing + TF2 > or <

25th September, 15+4+1 years
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TheKing4562 (Ask for Discord ID)

Updated as of 9/25/2016

---> TheKing4562 (Me) : Male <---
--> Amaterasu (video gmae character / the sun) = Female (Its weird and too late to change now)

About Me: (Type out 2011) edited slightly to remove stupidity 2014
--> Worst Payday player, NA (CPzerb approved)
--> Amatuer Smartguy
--> Work-o-holic, its not paying work but work none the less
--> Not a complete asshole (but thats up to your jugment in the end)
--> The end of round Scoreboard says I'm good good video games
--> Profesional Procastinator (I am not qualitfy to teach it; that would be a felonly)
--> Quality over Quantity, especially with video games.
--> Not buying into any of the B.S hype culture that keeps pumping out lame casual "specular" games these days, versus something thats fun to play.
--> If you're in trouble, I'm an O.K option to lean on
--> If theres anything I'm good at, its figuring "technical" shit out
--> I can play both the Guitar and Saxophone to an extent
--> Personal Adjectives: Loser, Moron
--> The last person I know that watches the Candy Coloured horses show
--> I'm pretty open to new things unless they have a moderate-heavy negative conotation to it.
--> I 'know' most the people on my friend list, I just talk/know some better than others.
-->I am fairly experince with budgeting PC builds and will gladly help someone I know budget theirs
--> I got problems but I'll try my best to make sure I'm not going to personal bother you with them
--> Nicest person you'll ever learn to hate.
--> Probably actually mentally disable

--> Severly Depress for the past ongoing 10+2 years

Personal Achievements
-Making a Youtube channel thats hopefully not more than 30% cringe
-Travel from South Carolina to Florida on a 42ft boat at 5mph for 3 days striaght.
- Did not lose "all" of my friends over the past 5 years. (But I'm pretty sure I don't have any IRL friends anymore)
- Not going full hermit

Few records of people being too nice to me:
~I was going to buy a Pocker pyro and name it "The12thSpaz"; Spaz overheard my plans and gifted me exactly that.
~Gmodlightboomer gave me his Archimedes when he was flat broke 4 my bday
~Pinkle, for a 2 many things that the stean profile character limit can take

Figuring out how Im not going to have a mental meltdown.

Notable Failures
-Not spending the last 2 1/2 years of my dog's life with him.

WTF is my profile picture is?
My YouTube! and I'm uploading!....sometimes..not really
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Never forget what they did to Clover Studios. Never forgib
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how does it feel that bestgame i mean okami is getting a pc port
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better late than never
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happy bday! sorry its kinda late xP
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happy birthday