Jack The Spooker
Jack Winter   Washington, United States
Please comment before adding me.
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I will NEVER accept your add if your inventory is private.

-I am everyone's dad.

-I am also your creepy uncle. [wiki.teamfortress.com]

-I found my gender. [gyazo.com]

-I am a collector of things.

-I main Medic, playing comp lately.

-I own every Medic weapon in Strange Professional Killstreak, Australium, Festive, and Strange+Collector's where possible.

-I am head of the faggotry department at Coxford University.

-I am a musician

-I like purple quite a lot.

My Wishlist

- Literally, the only TF2 item I would sell my soul for
-Some other all class unusual with a nice effect (I like the clouds, so Stormy works)
- The Craft #1 Fashionable Megalomaniac and Colonel's Coat (owned by Bobsplosion )
-A new ambassador to replace the one I sold like an idiot (strange festive pro or any aussie)
-Collector's Medic Weapons (Pro with VV is appreciated, as it keeps the collection pure)
-Always accepting pure <3
-Please buy me things

A couple personal rules,

-Please don't add me if I don't know you. Like, if I have something you want, comment and I will let you down easy. Or sell something for really overpriced. Basically, if I don't know you, comment before adding.

-Please ask me before you invite me to a game. And tell me what you are doing.

-Make sure my comment section gets as cancerous as possible as fast as possible. I couldn't care less what goes on down there. Usually, it's just amusing for me. Just be generally nice.

-When it comes to sending me messages, please just send one and wait for a response. If I do not respond within, like, twenty minutes, feel free to shoot me another, but don't get upset if I don't reply right away. I try hard all the time, so I don't take time to chat in the middle of games.

-Be nice, it's not that hard.

Wall Of Meaningful Quotes

"When you are happy, you enjoy the music. But when you are sad, you understand the lyrics." -Frank Ocean

"Aim for the stars. They're closer than they look." -Jack Winter

"Old Sport" -Scott Fitzgerald

"Your life is your creation. It's not something that happens to you -- unless you make the foolish mistake of abandoning your position as its chief architect" -Steve Pavlina

"Why are there a bunch of fucking normie quotes on your profile?" -Titan

Recent Activity

2,444 hrs on record
last played on Oct 22
366 hrs on record
last played on Oct 21
166 hrs on record
last played on Oct 6
-NBA- phone Oct 19 @ 2:47pm 
Echo Fade Oct 12 @ 3:42pm 
+rep Put a band-aid on my forehead. Now i feel better
Engineer Psy {Away} Oct 9 @ 7:08am 
+rep Raped my gay uncle.
Sagerz Sep 26 @ 6:29pm 
+rep super holy, definetly not a sinner. although he kicked a cat once