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I play Engineer, I talk about Engineer, and I still think it's shit.

TF2 Custom HUD [github.com]

❤ UGC Platinum [www.ugcleague.com]
❤ ETF2L HL High (Prem Exp) [etf2l.org]
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❤ TF2 Custom HUD (WietHUD) [github.com]
❤ UGC HL Platinum [www.ugcleague.com]
❤ ETF2L HL High [etf2l.org]
❤ Youtube
❤ Steam Group
❤ Twitch [www.twitch.tv]
❤ Soundcloud [soundcloud.com]
❤ Tumblr [thehammockproduction.tumblr.com]

Can I add you to friends?

Only if you comment and mention the relevance to where I would know you from - then i'll consider it. Random adds will get ignored because of traders. If it's about Highlander - I only merc for friends teams or other High+/Gold+ teams. In which case we'll either have friends in common or I'll know you.

I tried messaging while you were playing and you ignored me

If I'm playing TF2 and I'm in a 18 person server then it's very likely a scrim or official highlander game. If you see me on Plants vs. Zombies then I'm either AFK or not paying attention to the desktop. Gotta farm those pennies.


Hello! My name is Hammock. I play a lot of Team Fortress 2 and other team-based competitive games. I mainly play the Support roles or the characters that feel like Engineers. I have a channel where I talk in-length about various strategies, Engineer related opinions, and finely constructed memes.

Highlander Teams History

ETF2L Highlander:

Season 11: High - Team Colonslash: Frosties (3rd)
Season 10: High – Team Niveous
Season 9: High – Team Colonslash: Ambition (2nd)
Season 8: Mid – Team Rocket (Playoffs Quarter Final)
Season 7: Div 3 – Team Tempest
Season 6: Div 3 – 30 Percent
Season 5: Div 3 – Dogebears
Season 4: Div 6 – Alcoholic Passion
Season 1: Div 6 – Science Highlander
Season 0: Original Highlander Challenge - D0ZhD D0L0K0Hs \o/

UGC Highlander:

Season 11: EU Platinum – Hooliganz
Season 12: EU Gold – The Hashtag Heroes
Season 13: EU Platinum – Fiddle e-sports
Season 14: EU Silver – Team Tempest (Fun Team)
Season 16: EU Platinum – Calm Your Oppai
Season 18: NA Silver – Fast Company (Fun Team)
Season 19: NA Silver – Fast Company (Fun Team)
Season 20: EU Gold – Flower (Pre-ETF2L Offclass Team)
Season 21: NA Platinum - Swift Incorporated

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fookin` shrimp May 7 @ 4:04pm 
Good streamer <3
Toxange? Apr 20 @ 6:05pm 
I'm ToxxyScience. The person who bothers you with questions about the state of Engineer balance while you stream Overwatch.
Milo Mar 19 @ 4:02pm 
From one gimmick lord engie maim to another, was hoping to discuss some hearty, deep engie stuff and maybe talk about mentoring?
Hondje Mar 13 @ 9:26am 
Added for some Engineer bullshit. I also commented on your most recent video regarding it.
brimstone Mar 9 @ 12:00pm 
Thanks for Black Wake discussion man. I got it and like it a lot :)
MötorMouth Dec 31, 2016 @ 3:03pm 
Happy New Year!