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✶If you see anyone else with Laz0r$hir in their name, they're FAKE! The real [R.E.A.C.H] Laz0r$hir, as you already know, is me. ;3
Anyone else with this name is fake!
✶My Username will (& should usually) always be (Unless I am roleplaying or shit) [R.E.A.C.H] Laz0r$hir [BASE_NAME]

| KAWAII TRUCK | ‘|”“”;..., ______.,
|_…._…._________===|= _|__|…, ]|
”(@ )’|(@ )*””““”“”“*|(@ )’|(@ )***|(@ )

✶My Xbox LIVE gamertag is VinierAardvark1, just so you know. Feel free to add me on Xbox Live, but if you do, tell me your Xbox Live username, please. Thank you.
✶I do not take phishers/hackers kindly. Info on phishers: DO NOT CLICK THE LINKS!)

✶Also, I got myself a twitter account!
-[R.E.A.C.H.] Laz0r$hir

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Yes, I am a Furry. Problem?


✶Normals: Meh, I guess, but dont hate on me/my friends...
✶Bronies: Meh, but I don't mind them.
Furries: :fhappy: Welcome, my friend. :fhappy:
✶Anime/Manga Lovers: Sure, but dont send me NSFW items without the [NSFW] tag... Please... [This rule applies to all of these, BTW.]
✶FNaF/Undertale Fans: Dont mind but dont bug the shit outta me.

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If chu add me to RP, I need to know if chur okay with ERPs, do not make too many secondary RPs, and do not completley control them.

Best Friends List:
[T.S.A.] General Cole
IRL Frens
Anyone I (E)RP w/

My Roleplay [RP] Persona(s):

Hunter the [Anthro] Folfingo-Khajiit [Fox-Wolf-Dingo-Khajiit [Cathay-Raht] Hybrid]©
[Fursona Description]

✶Full Name: Ra'Kheraan "Hunter" Ja'Qaveer Kennway III
✶The Divine of Chaos, Death, and Destruction
✶75% Fox, 9% Wolf, 4% Dingo, 12% Khajiit Cathay-Raht
✶Fur is Snow White and Grey [not Orange and Brown] and is 8'6'' Tall [8 feet 6 inches]
✶77,275 Years Old
✶Uses a 'bottomless' Duffel Bag as an Inventory
✶Has shortened whiskers
✶Has mastered Ki and its many potentials
✶Has a MKX Mileena-Styled [Half-Tarkatan] Mouth w/ sharp teeth aswell as Vampire Fangs and a Snake-Like Tongue [Mostly covered via closed mouth; fangs stick out]
✶Has a Skyrim Emblem Scar on upper back, close to neck
✶Has a Thin But Strong Gold-Ebony Plate under his skin to protect his hearts [Also enhances body appearence]
✶Has 2 large scars on his left eye going away from his snout, as well as the same eye having a home-made bandaged eyepatch from damage [Also has a big scar on the side of snout]
✶Has an "X" Scar across his back, and can make other people his siblings using rituals [X + | = Younger Sibling, X + -- = Older Sibling]
✶Has two holes in his right ear in which he put rings through, aswell as three holes through his snout with rings
✶Bonehawk Rings on Right Paw
✶Able to change forms/"genders."
✶Uses a Modified PDA Device [Pip-Boy 3000]
✶Vampire Fangs get sharper and grow a bit larger under the effects of a Blood Moon
✶Has many weapons [Vile Blade, Terra Blade, True Excalibur, etc...]
✶Pets: Sally the Dragonite, Char the Charmander, Melissa the Houndoom, etc
✶Siblings: "The God King", Rikkun the Fox, Maria the... Figure, etc
✶Children: Eve the Eevee, Zor the Zoroark, Logan the Pup, etc

Hunter's Special Powers/Abilities: Demonic Vampirism XXL++ [Grade Five Master+ Vampire/Arch-Demon Lord++]
[Current Vampire Lord Level: Level 125+]
✶Super Strength/"Speed"
✶L O N G Lifespan
✶Has a 1-10% change of infecting bitten people with Vampirism, depending on where bitten/how much blood drank.
✶Eyes colour changes under certain circumstances/when certain abillities are used [ex: Blue for Telekinesis, Deep Blood Red for Blood-Thirst/Hunger, etc...]
✶Height increase with every 12 ounces of blood drank
✶Fangs get sharper/longer with every 12 ounces of blood drank.
✶Strength increases with every 12 ounces of blood drank, and the muscles show it [mostly]
✶Vampiric/Demonic Powers increase with every gallon of blood drank
✶30% ArchDemon Lord, 70% Vampire Lord+
✶Every Power/Ability increases during the Night, with a 1% chance of going full psycho on a Blood Moon

Maria the Fox-Wolf
✶Full name is Maar'karrth "Maria" Ma'Aark Kennway
✶Always happy to help somebody she knows
✶Has a chubby belly
✶Still has CowGirl-Like Horns
✶Loves her Family
✶Can be a bit Lazy
✶[Debated] The most logical of the 3 siblings
✶Ironically one of the least magical of the family
✶Is mostly seen with Hunter and Isaiah
✶Couldn't stand to see her brothers dead, despire their magic and powers
[A bit of a Happy-Go-Lucky Woman with a passion for "protecting" her family.]

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Saphira the Wolf Goddess Oct 14 @ 5:39am 
So true
When Steam randomly uninstalls games...
WreckLin Aug 30 @ 7:11am 
I meant you vs me
WreckLin Aug 30 @ 6:58am 
The alien vs the wolf guy *mortal combat music plays*
Saphira the Wolf Goddess Jul 9 @ 1:51pm