Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
arnold : are you actually autistic decap

pingu : decap
pingu : ur more stupid than stupid

大佬pingu: only if ur 600 hours of spy went into ur brain
大佬pingu: you would be 1 step further away from down syndrome
i am le decap:

Rising : how long does it take you to get out of open

*SPEC* CARTIER yachty : fuck up decap
*SPEC* CARTIER yachty : youre handicapped
*SPEC* CARTIER yachty : youre fucked in the head

Dannnyyyzz: you literally anchor every game you have played in

*DEAD* Lazz : Decap you are a fucking idiot lol

AiR : decap
AiR : your fucking braindead

explode merc : idiot

The Jewish Mother: decap ur a big dummy
(wtf lizzie???)

garbage: paced more like parced haha GOTTEM
decap but backwards lol: omg

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Depoo don't be mean to Elizabeth
Do not tell me to piss off. I am actually your Guardian Angel and by telling me to go away, your soul is filled with hatred and anger.
slightlygreenish666 Aug 3 @ 9:01am 
decap ur a dummy if u don't think banana bread is incredibly important
idk how u can say that decap, banana bread is a gift
i identify as banana bread