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Yes I know that you can mention 8421 different cars that you want in Gmod but it's really not a reason to add me. I won't accept friend requests, I'll add you if it's really neccessary! If you think that adding you is really neccessary then leave comment explain why I need to add you. Explain it in detail otherwise you will be ignored

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When you are driving the car, your model is seen way back into the rear fender of the car. This only happens in the drivers seat. It also says in the HUD it has 18 gallons of fuel, but when fueling it- it says 17.5 gallons. When actually refueling it then only goes to 17.43 then stops... I am using this car on a server- Civil Gamers, running RP Evocity. The server also uses VCMod.
Got a problem- or a few problems- with the Ford GT 05. Would love to talk to you about them...!
Timothy Crawford BOSS 11 hours ago 
Is there a bind to toggle popups on a car?
CİBİLİ SLΛYΞR Dec 15 @ 11:15am 
Yo! Update GMOD BMW TDM Cars please because they did İ8((l guess i8 yeah))Please!
JPadgett29 Dec 14 @ 12:45pm 
Okay so is there anyway you can add more control over the cars in general? VC Mod is expensive and it really sucks when the cars won't go up hills at all, or you need to customize them in general just so they can perform and be handled properly...