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Comment before adding me please
join my discord if you want to talk, I rarely pay attention to steam []

write a comment here letting me know you want something signed then add me and ask (i probably won't reply instantly if i'm working on something)

i've got mobile authentication on so there's no 3 day wait if you also have it on
if you don't have it on you'll have to wait forever to trade because steam aaaaa

just send me the item and a giftapult and i'll put it in and then take it out then send it to you

9v9 Season 18: Iron: Jag For 2$ (WHERE ARE MY MEDALS!?)
9v9 Season 19: Steel: Jag For 2$
9v9 Season 21: Steel: PMDT
9v9 Season 22: Steel: PMDT
9v9 Season 23: Steel: FSS (Dropped)

6v6 Season 28: Open: SICK LAUGHTER: WEEBS

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snooz Nov 19 @ 5:59pm 
nice emote
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with woolen?

Nüd Nov 5 @ 7:53am 
Can you cook
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snooz Nov 4 @ 10:52pm 
I get what you're coming from regarding all of that, I do.
But from what i've *SEEN*, and heard from both Mecha and Mal, you haven't said anything nice to me for the past.. what is it now? Week? Maybe two? And just now you've come to me apologizing. Which, personally I find incredibly disingenuous. So if you can go a week without saying things like this:

Loxic - 10/25/2017
I guess snooz is still going to be a edgy chicken

I may see a point to here. It's not that I don't want to be your friend. Far from it, actually. I just want to have a trusting friend, and after some complications in the past 2 weeks, that's what I lack.. Mostly.

So show that I can trust you again, and I would gladly put this all behind us.