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:FakeColoursGreenCube: Invite Me If You Are Minimum Level 20 :greenalert:
:FakeColoursGreenCube: I Won't Accept Friend Invites From Private Profiles
:FakeColoursGreenCube: I Often Report Scammers, Cheaters :greenalert:
:FakeColoursGreenCube: If You Are Offline For A Long Time You'll Get Kicked From My Friends List

About Me:

:FakeColoursGreenCube: Name: Martynas
:FakeColoursGreenCube: Age: 15
:FakeColoursGreenCube: My birthday: March 1
:FakeColoursGreenCube: Best Games: Fortnite, Rust, Fallout 4
:FakeColoursGreenCube: My Gaming Music
:FakeColoursGreenCube: My Discord Channel []

About My Account:

:FakeColoursGreenCube: steamname: Mockingjay
:FakeColoursGreenCube: steam3ID: [U:1:288139122]
:FakeColoursGreenCube: steamID32: STEAM_0:0:144069561
:FakeColoursGreenCube: steamID64:
:FakeColoursGreenCube: customURL:

I Make Artworks/Logos

:FakeColoursGreenCube: My Portfolio Here [] :greenalert:
:FakeColoursGreenCube: You Can Pay Me With Skins/Keys And Paypal
:FakeColoursGreenCube: More Info By Contacting Me:greenalert:
:FakeColoursGreenCube:: Don't Blame Me If I Did Something Wrong I Will Fix It :greenalert:
:FakeColoursGreenCube: If You Didn't Like The Job I Have Done You Can Always Get Your Payment Back
:FakeColoursGreenCube: I Use Adobe After Effects And Photoshop
:FakeColoursGreenCube: I Often Charge 2 CS Keys For An Artwork And 1 CS Key For a Logo. It Might Change.:greenalert:
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:FakeColoursGreenCube: My Reputation: Here [] :greenalert:
:FakeColoursGreenCube: Send a Trade Offer Here :greenalert:
:FakeColoursGreenCube: Don't Beg For Skins Because You Won't Get Anything.
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