Dota 2, Battlerite and Ashes of Creation is what I'm currently up to. Also offering teaching in Dota 2.

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This is a game for you if you:
  • want a game that always challenges you
  • don't like to play alone (1v1)
  • have friends that play the game aswell
  • want to participate in a global community, that has some influence on patches (reddit is relevant on this)
  • like(d) RTS games and are looking for something new
  • really want to dedicate yourself to a single game
  • enjoy learning something new every day
  • can handle a steep learning curve
  • love games with very different characters, each getting played a slightly different way
  • like shifting meta - balance changes often enough will keep the game fresh even for the more dedicated people
  • like long games with different phases during a match: the more time passes, the more teamplay is required. 30 min is a minimum for a normal match.
  • want to practice russian with native speakers. Doesn't matter whether you live in south east asia or west coast america, you will meet some online, though in higher skill brackets they tend to be more friendly and often won't even get noticed
  • can stand a little bit of flame - it's not as toxic as people advertise it, but if you play a lot you will most likely find one or two every day. Just report them, they will get punished within a few days if they are offending regularly

This game is nothing for you if you:
  • are looking for a game easy to pick up
  • have little time to dedicate to a game
  • give up early
  • tend to flame a lot. This game heavily punishes flamers, you will get chatbanned rather early, after that the low priority will make sure you don't want to play anymore, only being matched with similar players that constantly leave the game or flame.
  • don't have friends to play it with - there are people who play solo just fine, but most of us started with friends, because learning the basics alone can be VERY frustrating

  • are looking for a side game to play aside from others - this game will either be draining your time or be not your type of game

TL;DR: Game is hard, but worth the effort
Either work hard or you might aswell quit -McHammer

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+rep good trader
NoStaLGiC Apr 5, 2013 @ 5:32pm 
Hey i know you helped PRIME out with thier tourney. I'm thinking im going to host my own. Let me know if you're interested in helping. Thanks!
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Fast and fair. +rep