Matthew Novelter/Matěj Novotný   Jihocesky Kraj, Czech Republic
Ŧaumatarge for long
It can also be written as Thauma and Thaumatarge

It's pronounced /θɔmätä:dʒ/ /θɔmätäɾdʒ/ /θäumätäɾdʒ/ /tʰäumätäɾdʒ/ /tʰɔmätä:dʒ/ /tʰɔmätäɾdʒ/
Any of those will work...

Avatar made by the beautiful Thomas Fox , my thanks goes to them for this exquisite work of art

I play vidyagames (absolutely love Stepmania)... I make "art" (textures really.)... I create languages and stuff... I like lots of things... I also do hate lots of things... What else is there to say about me?

Oh... About what I like and hate? Okay!
I like linguistics quite a real lot... As you can see, my primary group is a group about a damn bloody made up language that I made... So far i made 2 languages, The other one being my larger project right now... Next thing I like is music... What sort of music? Go on YouTube and look up Lauren Bousfield, or Nero's Day At Disneyland, Mr. Kindhoover, Igorrr, after that, search up Waterflame, FantomenK, Holyyeah, DJ Striden and perhaps Envy on Newgrounds... Yeah... You can now pretty much put together what I like as music :3... Breakcore is my most favourite genre, but most electronic genres are fun.
Things I hate... Really bad grammar... Being Confused... People who won't stop talking about one thing and one thing only... Bigoted idiots who are blinded by their ideologies, people who give up on everything and want to suicide without even being in any forms of really deep shit, and the list goes on and on...

Oh right, I also have these thingamabobs:
DeviantArt [thaumatarge.deviantart.com] - You can check out what I made there, it's quite nice, but most of the things I made I never really put anywhere on the internet...

About my YouTube
Right now, at this very moment (30th of June, 2015), it isn't much... It's more of a place where I put my videos that I made... But hey, I plan on putting real stuff onto it, isn't that crazy? No? Darn... I thought it was! It's like my 10th attempt at a YT Channel... Oh well, feel free to check it out if you want...
UPDATE: Now (6th of June, 2016) my channel has a few videos on it! So be sure to check those out! Including that one video about my experience with connection problems, the "Meet the Lag"... It is very demonstrative of what i had to put up with before we switched to a faster internet service and a different router...
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