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mao_feeder Jul 26 @ 8:32pm 
sorry but i regret to inform you that your "lord an savior" is not "jeezus christass" its actualy joey sstalin. it all started 20 years ago, i was just a young a possibly gay FemBoi, trying to find my place in the world. at the time i was living in post - soviet russia, it was HORRIBEL. the best plave to ever exist, and the closest we will ever get to heaven on earth was GONE. THEY THEY THEY took it from me ,the


these sah sha sah slimey fukers tried to give me "democracy" (it was really just the CIA tricking me into thinking that america was a good place). they nooked MY HOME, they Nooked MY HOME!! they ruined EVERYthing. i was once an alter boy like YOu, but i soon realized that it wasnt a priest who should be fukn me IT should be d a dd ie STALIN!!!!!!! oh okay well i gotta go, but always remeber E A T A D I C K W I T H Y O U R A N A L C A V I T Y ! ! ! !