Lithua- Wait, Latvian already did this!   Ukmerge, Panevezio Apskritis, Lithuania
If you want to add me, write why in the comments, any request not specified why WILL be rejected. Don't invite me to TRADING and "GIVEAWAY" groups. Other than that, add me, I might accept ya!

Things bout' me:

Why the hell do you even bother reading this crap.

I was trying to port "Chavos" from GTA IV, and it didn't work, I'll probably never try to port the "Marbelle".

I made and uploaded a few mods.

I made prop vehicles.

I don't mind if a person is "Gay", "Lesbian", or has a different skin tone.

I made vehicles with Simfphys LUA base (which is kind of easy?)

I may get annoying by saying "Hello! How are you?" every. Single. Day.

Other than that, that's really it!

Here are the things I like:

I like great grammar, but I do NOT dislike bad grammar,

I like people to talk to, roleplay with, or just play games with,

I like retro vehicles like old Mustangs, or any old/retro vehicle, yes, vehicle, planes count too, just like bikes!

I like finding new opportunities in things like programming/modding.

I like city cars more than street/racing/luxury cars

I love messing around in sandbox games, testing how easy is it build in them.

Things that I DISlike:

Racists. (We are all human, damnit! Who cares if one person's skin color is different from the other's!? We're the same human!)



Myself, when I feel like I'm annoying, or have embarrased myself quite a few times.

(And Olibob stop reading my damn bio you muppet.)

That's about it!

Life goals:

Be in a streamers video (DONE)

Make a mod for a game (DONE)

Survive another year at school (DONE)

Stay on PC for 9 hours non-stop (DONE)

Have a happy Christmas (DONE)

Lose 10 KG in a month (DONE)

Become thin. (Probably never gonna happen)


"I hug air. Because air is the first thing that makes me live." - Razor Callahan.
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Son, you never knew why I abandoned you.
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Hi Jeff, I'm dad.