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Don't ever miss leg day kiddos
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It's show time! T's have infiltrated a film studio and it's your job to stop them. This map is still a work in progress.

This map is a part of Mapcore's 2017 map contest.
- https://www.mapcore.org/topic/21395-released-fame/

[IMG] https://i.imgur.com
Created by - Lefty
Workshop Showcase
Description of the Millennium
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I love dogs.

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Malignity. Feb 11 @ 5:47am 
"With my magic wielders about me I gained the wall and there did I fight with spells, fire and sword against the great Lord Alamar, and his wizards that have already become a myth told by peasants around camp fires. He was cunning, mighty was his sword arm, great his magic, and brilliant his strategies. But they availed him for naught, for in the end I cast him down and my only disappointment was that he was able to flee into distant realms."
—Morglin Ironfist
Malignity. Feb 10 @ 12:52am 
When Nimbus was a child, he had a small dog that eventually died of old age. Nimbus discovered that by sacrificing a small bird or other creature, he could resurrect his pet, a feat which he repeated each time the dog died. Little did he realize that he was already exploring the beginnings of Necromancy.
Malignity. Feb 8 @ 11:30pm 
I get very tired of the precious intellects who must speak diamonds every time they open their mouths. I get tired of battling for each space of air for the mind. that’s why I stayed away from people for so long, and now that I am meeting people, I find that I must return to my cave. there are other things beside the mind: there are insects and palm trees and pepper shakers, and I’ll have a pepper-shaker in my cave, so laugh.
Kay Feb 4 @ 3:57pm 
Malignity. Feb 2 @ 1:20am 
"You have a very strange face," she said. "You're not really ugly." "Number four shipping clerk, working his way up." "Have you ever been in love?" "Love is for real people." "You sound real." "I dislike real people." "You dislike them?" "I hate them." We drank some more, not saying much. It continued to snow. Gertrude turned her head and stared into the crowd of people. Then she looked at me. "Isn't he handsome?" "Who?" "That soldier over there. He's sitting alone. He sits so straight. And he's got all his medals on." "Come on, let's get out of here."
Malignity. Jan 27 @ 2:10pm 
he said, "I was working in Hollywood when Faulkner was
working in Hollywood and he was
the worst: he was too drunk to stand up at the
end of the afternoon and so I had to help him
into a taxi
day after day after day.

"but when he left Hollywood, I stayed on, and while I
didn't drink like that maybe I should have, I might have
had the guts then to follow him and get the hell out of

I told him, "you write as well as

"you mean that?" he asked from the hospital
bed, smiling.