Conner Gyori   Seattle, Washington, United States
Dovahkiinss that my other account
Also i don't care if u invite me to ur group or others so go and invite me if u want to if not fake shit let steam wallet or free game u know trash shit

All Info Down My Profiles and add me on ELDER SCROLL: LEGENDS
its same name as steam name so

Feel Free To Add Me and i have Battle.net if u want to play starcraft 2 my username on it Terraring#1449 sooo and also play minecraft same name as steam
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1 VAC ban on record | Info
1 game ban on record | Info
228 day(s) since last ban
About Kind Of My Self
Also U Want To Comment in my profiles whatever u want to dooooo
Im 16 Years Old Bruh

if u want to play cod or Terraria. or other game god im pro at it friends me if u want to
Also don't friend shit player because they will remove u dam son u sucks....
If u want join my clan in CLASH ROYALE its dragodestructor please......
i love my xbox 360 alot now i got bored of it my GT:Kormax and now Im playing pc games and u feel free to add me if u wish and i trying buying much games as could so.......
One games is banned for me is cod ghost srry. Guys i cheat a little just for gold and i got banned shIt soo AND UNTURNED IN GAME BANNED GOD DAMN

My Fav Games AND i play it alot if i bored sometimes

Total Miner Forge
CastleMiner Z
All CounterStrike
Cod Black Ops 1,2,3 With Zombies I Love Alot
Elder Scroll:Legends
Elder Scroll Online
Rocket League
All Bloons Tower Defence Games

My Fav Friends

bonnie is terraria

U Could Subs And Follow All My Channel

check out my youtube channel i will post alot gaming video and other stuff so i need 25 subs for more video guys Youtube .

My Instagram [www.instagram.com]
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My SoundCloud [soundcloud.com]
My Twitch [www.twitch.tv]
My Discord [discordapp.com]

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326 hrs on record
last played on Sep 24
201 hrs on record
last played on Sep 23
170 hrs on record
last played on Sep 23
Munchy Aug 16 @ 4:05pm 
*wave* hiya just passing and wanted to wish you a safe and super week
Mike Aug 11 @ 5:43am 
dont look at my hrs i got over 1000 hrs on my mobile :)
Mike Aug 11 @ 5:39am 
Just accept :D
Mike Aug 11 @ 5:38am 
Hey, i want to play terraria with you as soon as possible :)
idono Jul 5 @ 10:43pm 
+rep very kind and all around good
AutoDead Jun 16 @ 5:34pm 
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┃█ u'r adopted █┃
┃█ -Mum&Dad █┃
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