Begging for stuff is one way to hell for you sir.
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Yes, I am the one and only real TeemoTheScientist, HUZZAH!

How to confirm that you're not on an impersonators profile:
Self-made Blapature Co medal
A ton of genuine medals from ETF2L and UGC

Q:Can I add you?
A:Join my Discord if you'd like to chat with me.

Or support me on Patreon for a spot :v

Q:Can I join your games?
A:I often go offline while recording, so feel free to jump in if I'm playing Team Fortress 2, other games, no.

Q:Does your name come from League Of Legends?
A:ABSOLUTEEEEELY NOT. It's from Age of Mythology and ive been using this nickname for more than 10 years.

Q:What Recording/Editing Software do I use?
A:Dxstory for recording and Sony Vegas Pro 11 for editing, also I livestream with OBS.

Q:What is your computer specs and your equipment?
A:I dont know anything about computers. ._.

Q:Can I be a moderator in your streams/be your SFM artist?
A:Refer to my Steam Group for applications.

Q:Can you sign this for me?
A:Provided you have a Gift wrap yeah, sure.

Q:How can i submit Fanart?
A:Tag me on Twitter with it.


I don't accept stuff that means alot to you, I can't take things that are important to you since I will both feel bad and most likely won't use it, 99% of the time I use my regular loadout.

Trade offer link: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=103875183&token=hlWXuTVF

Competitive Experience (Fine I'll write one):

Retired after S 13 HL ETF2L due to university.

Season 7 - HL ETF2L - Div6 - Team Bo - Main Pyro - Literally last place
Season 16 - HL UGC - Iron - Turbine Maintenance - Main Pyro - 4th place
Season 18 - HL UGC - Iron - United Koala Club - Main Pyro - 3rd place
Season 24 - 6s ETF2L - Open - ok - Sub Medic - 11th place
Season 19 - HL UGC - Steel - United Koala Club - Main Pyro - 9th place
Season 3 - HLO ETF2L - pandasareredandcute - Main Pyro - 3rd place
Season 20 - HL UGC - Silver - ENGLANDA - Sub Pyro - 1st Place
Season 9 - 4s UGC - Steel - Banterados - Main Medic/Pyro - 3rd Place
Season 11 - HL ETF2L - Open - Medpicking Medic - Main Pyro - 11th place
Season 21 - HL UGC - Plat - ENGLANDA - Sub Pyro - Left Week 4
Season 21 - HL UGC - Silver - Double Upload - Sub Pyro - 8th place
Season 23 - 6s UGC - Plat - SoGayLight - Main Medic - 7th place
Season 10 - 4s UGC - Silver - Banterados - Main Medic - 8th place
Season 12 - HL ETF2L - Mid - Medpicking Medic - Main Pyro - 15th place
Season 1 - 6s ETF2L - Fresh Meat Challenge - PubClub - Buddy
Season 24 - 6s UGC - Plat - SoGayLight - Main Medic - Dropped week 5 - 3-1
Season 11 - 4s UGC - Silver - Banterados - Main Medic - Dropped week 5 - 2-2
Season 27 - 6s ETF2L - Low - D1SCORD - Sub Medic -
Season 13 - HL ETF2L - Open - az can't make thurs - Main Medic -

Various mercing experiences in Silver officials and scrims for HL
Various mercing experiences in Gold scrims for HL

I played like 1 mix, it was boring
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tmg_ Dec 5 @ 3:18pm 
Dota youtuber on a tf2 christmas vid :thinking:
Polis Ranger Dec 5 @ 3:04pm 
The reason I sent a friend invite is becoues I want to talk to you about a Project.
It's a TF2 YouTuber Christmas project and I'm hoping you want to join in. Hope to hear from you soon!
tmg_ Nov 29 @ 9:44am 
why would you get your item signed by someone who doesnt even play tf2 anymore
Pterodactyl7 | 2BT Nov 29 @ 4:36am 
I'd like to have an item signed as a gift to a friend for smissmas. I read your info box fully, and added you because it's much easier to do the whole gift wrap thing that way rather than steam trade urls (idk hkw to find mine lol.) I can unfriend you asap afterwards. Thanks!
Kai Nov 22 @ 2:29am 
Ah yes, it's totally not for communication and co - operation, definitely, in no way is it a great way to unite content creators to help all of them
TeemoTheScientist Nov 22 @ 2:14am 
It's not just TF2 Youtubers, it's content creators, we discuss updates and exchange information there and possibly commission thumbnails, no need ot be a dick about it, it's good to have a base where we can talk privately with one another.