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Stock lmao rip
Next knife: Karambit | Damascus Steel (?)

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I pray for the night
To take me, to take you too

^^ He prays for his lover to come to him in his dreams, as he can’t see them in the real world anymore.

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℞ sad queen ✝ 13 hours ago 
It's 17, Not the day I met you but It's a one month past type of shit or maybe my maths Is bad either ways.. 18 Is when I met you and I feel happy that I did. I'm so In love with you and at first I thought I wasn't enough for you and now I know that I make you happy as much as you do with me. I'm glad. We've now been together for 8 months. Happy Monthsary, handsome. Let's aim for a year together.
℞ sad queen ✝ 22 hours ago 
I adore you. You sacrifice yourself for my happiness. There's nothing that makes a woman more cherish and secure. Thank you my darling
℞ sad queen ✝ Aug 15 @ 8:08am 
.     .             .             ,    .
      。      .           ゚   .              .
 ,         .  16/2, 31/7 & 18/12.  .        .
     。        .      ,      。 。      .  。      . 
℞ sad queen ✝ Aug 14 @ 11:57pm 
Every comment you put In my screenshots made me smile. You're perfect . You weirdo says the one that named her horse, "Tiny Mikasa" and her cat, "JianJean"
℞ sad queen ✝ Aug 7 @ 6:44am 
I won't give up on us. Even If the skies gets rough.
℞ sad queen ✝ Aug 5 @ 1:23am 
You're the best thing for me, stoley my mind and found my dreams