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United Kingdom (Great Britain)
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Greetings traveler near or far. I am Kimplix and I welcome you here today. I'm mostly a collector, but I do have a love for Fempyro's too. If you have anything you want to discuss with me or just a chat, please feel free to add me and we can have ourselves a nice conversation if you'd like ;3

Basic info you may wanna know
- You lie to me multiple times and not being honest about what you say, expect a block and removal. Had this shit so many times and I can't take it anymore
- if a convo suddenly goes quiet, it means I'm busy playing games or doing something so give me some time to respond
- I do however RP, but don't expect it to happen at first base. I rarely do it from time to time, whenever I feel like doing it
- I color in linearts and sometimes make stuff in GMod
- I'm a proud British person (but also like to be American)
- Birthday: April 27th
- It's rare for me to state my real name or localization stuff unless you're a very trusted friend of mine
- I have a strong addiction for large Fempyros and Femscouts both curvy and plump, that I also use the bottom heavy Fempyro model [donandark.tumblr.com] for TF2. Other fetishes are considered, but depend on the characters and if you require to know.

Contact Info
Deviart - kimplix
Discord - kimplix#0896
3DS Friend Code - 3239-7385-4692
Switch ID - SW-1448-3406-6602
NNID - klmplix
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