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♡ This hidden gem is the dark souls of the defense/strategy indies with a colorful setting!
With a high replay value and challenge rate, and a must have among the indie games.
It brings you straight back to old school arcade games, mashed up with the future robotic look.
To be honest, I did not know what to expect when I got this game. But I love it!
And it didn’t take long before I was hooked. I die all the time and the challenges are hard for me as I’m not that good in strategy, but that is where the fun lays for me:
to get more strategic insight and to be able to beat those challenges one by one!

♡ The game in a nutshell: Years ahead in the future you’re mankind’s last hope.
You play as U.H.Wutt, a person that is considered too smart for mankind by the robots.
So you get the punishment of rehabilitation but of course they make a whole game show around it.
Hence the name death by game show.
The game starts out easy and holds your hand a bit, but it will not take long before you are on your own.
Kill robot enemies with help of your yellow flying locker, collect coins with an awesome grab hook, collect tons of money to buy buildings, new temporarily robots,..
If you like puns mixed up with strategy and fast play, then this game is the game for you!
Can you beat the robots and win all the challenges they have ready for you?
And that is why this game is a must have!

♡ One of the big plus points for me is that the developer listens to the feedback of players (see discussions) and is actively involved in the community along the players.
That’s something that wins over my heart to see they don’t just abandon their finished product,
but keep supporting it and us, the players. Which is awesome!

♡ TL; DR?
> You play this and get instant addicted.
> You die.
> Curse a couple of times.
> Try again!
> You die some more.
> You rage quit.
> You boot it up again cause you got addicted!
> Rinse and repeat a couple of times a week.

♡ The LavaU community and I personally supports this game and developer! ♡
And from today on 11/24/2016 I have nominated this game for The “I Thought This Game Was Cool Before It Won An Award” Award
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They call me Cuban Pete
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