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Nate Miller   Anchorage, Alaska, United States
Hello. My name is Nate, although people just call me Orthros. I play Team Fortress Two, Unreal Tournament, among other games.

I play Team Fortress Two in a competitive atmosphere, as well as custom game-modes such as Team Fortress Dodge Ball and Freak Fortress Two. I currently have over 6550 total hours logged on the game.

My Youtube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdclg-brJaXM6P4WsELRnXA

Official Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/OrthrosMythicalArmy

Twitter (@OrthrosPlayZ): https://twitter.com/OrthrosPlayZ

Speedrun.com User: https://www.speedrun.com/user/Orthros

I enjoy hanging out with friends ingame, goofing off and honing my skills. Feel free to send me a friend request if you want to play together!

That's all you guys need to know. Thanks, and have a good day. -Orthros
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I Alias for No Reason Mar 21 @ 2:57pm 
I never said 'no u' ._.
Someone called you a nerd but then you came back with the no u so it made you not a nerd. So you get a +rep for not being a big nerd. Right?
I Alias for No Reason Mar 21 @ 12:59am 
wut ._.
(Mama) Spooky Asian Bread Dog Mar 20 @ 11:45pm 
-rep a big nerd but +rep bc he said no u ;;
I Alias for No Reason Feb 28 @ 3:31pm 
He's lying :c
ุddddddddddddddd Feb 28 @ 7:37am 
-rep raped me in a dark alley