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hey these are the stats you need to know about me

Ingame: come and hop in
Away: watching videos
Looking to play: It's lonely here in overwatch

"do you think that God stays in heaven because he too fears of what he's created"
-Steve Buscemi (Spy Kids 2)
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Hey Guys
Q. Where did you get the name Tako?
A. No idea!

Q. Are you racist?
A. No

A little info about myself:

I have an identical twin brother, but I'm actually better looking! (did you get the joke...? 'cause we're identical twins, aha.. ha...ahah)

I've been playing TF2 for about 3 years now and still enjoy the hell out of it, though I may burn out from playing it sometimes I still love the game and I probably always will have a space in my heart for it!

Quotes from old friends

Dassasin : I use the Original to make it look like I have a large penis.

Mister Moth : Selling Vibrator (Well Worn)
Mister Moth : Actually scratch that it's Battle Scarred

Cod Fish : Let's get some beer.
Cod Fish : I'll probably just have one, and save the rest for special occasions.
rxg | Tako : Yeah me too.
rxg | Tako : I miiight drink all of it.

rxg| jun0(pokerface)/trade.tf : If you do that one more time I will Smother you.

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rxg | Uncle Jun0 #Napkins Jan 17 @ 12:45am 
Damn you
rxg | Tako Dec 6, 2016 @ 3:42am 
i love you to jun0 you are my favourite month
rxg | Tako Dec 6, 2016 @ 3:35am 
i can't promise you anything about the comments but i can promise you the i well treat Curi your gf in the best way i well make her happy when i am around her when well love me she well even leave you and join me and then i well ditch her and say it was just a prank bro that is a prank right?
rxg | Uncle Jun0 #Napkins Dec 5, 2016 @ 10:43am 
Really nice guy though, just loves to joke around.