bad aim Drae
Liam Mor-   Colombia
Roses are red

Violets are litty

England is a country

But it is also MY CITY
Hey, This is pretty cute:
Here is a poem:

That tree is oak.

That tree is pine.

That girl has a dick.

Why is it bigger than mine?

Another one?
The TRUTH is EVERYONE will hurt you.
You will just have to find the ONES worth SUFFERING for~

We were given two HANDS to HOLD, two LEGS to WALK, two EYES to SEE, but why is it that we have only one HEART?

~beacuse the other was given to someone else for us to FIND.


MEGUMIN!!! (watch remix by Miraie) - Ur awesome dude!


Hajimete no Gal

Here, fucking weebs ( Im talking about u roast senpai)

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KalPoops Jul 21 @ 3:56am 
Pro bballer
bad aim Drae Jul 17 @ 11:48pm 
lol love u f8!!!
\ (^○^) / FęįğhŢ Jul 17 @ 7:33pm 
+rep an old friend...still miss ya
bad aim Drae Jul 9 @ 8:28pm 
roza: Send me ur nudes
bad aim Drae Jul 9 @ 8:27pm 
What the fuck?
gone for 5 days Jul 9 @ 3:55am 
4:51 PM - roza: owh
4:51 PM - roza: Send me ur nudes
4:52 PM - -aim Drae: ok
4:53 PM - -aim Drae is now Online.
4:54 PM - -aim Drae:
4:54 PM - -aim Drae: click on that
4:54 PM - roza: ew
4:54 PM - -aim Drae: lol
4:54 PM - -aim Drae: my nudes
4:54 PM - roza: dude
4:55 PM - roza: ur balck
4:55 PM - -aim Drae: kind of..
4:55 PM - -aim Drae: not that black
4:55 PM - -aim Drae: I am columbian/west african
4:55 PM - -aim Drae: so im not that black