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I am one of those scary queer feminists you need to rant post about on the Internet. Also, I'm taking all your games - as you can see, I've got more than 1700 of them already!
If you add me, please have a name that's easily searchable.
I maintain some servers. Please go play Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup [] right here [] on my server.
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Counter-alliance wins...
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You have no choice but to purchase and dadload this game as it is bound to make a splash.

You'll never get a dadlier catch than this game.

It truly is.. a refreshing experience.

In all seriousness: while the whole concept may seem weird at first (matching the kid you're controlling to the correct dad) - it is nothing compared to the true weirdness of this game that comes later. Just get it.
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Without geometry, life is pointless.
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nice guy
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