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Yes! The monsters are good for business ... but ... they've eaten my last two assistants. [Memphis Weapons Vendor:Titan Quest Anniversary Edition]


It's not easy here. Try trading goods with all these women that can turn you into a mouse. [Medea's Grove Vendor:Titan Quest Anniversary Edition]

“It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.”.
-Fightclub, 1999


Go slower to go faster.


At the heart of the constellation Scorpius, the red giant star Antares burns with a fiery intensity matched by astrological Scorpio’s passionate temperament. Ruled by Pluto, Greek God of the Netherworld, Scorpio is intimately connected with the extremes of life, with beginnings and endings, conception and lasting legacies.

As the sign of purpose and success, the dedication and drive of Scorpio is unmatched. Of course, if a Scorpio’s anger is aroused, or she feels out of control and disordered, the sting of rebuke will be unmistakable! Scorpios thrive in pursuits that require intuition and deeper understanding, including medicine, spirituality, philosophy and technology.

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The first two chapters are, to put it bluntly, boring. There are too many parts, fourteen acts in total to be exact and my playtime compiled to around six hours. By the end of chapter 2 I thought the game over but was astonished to find that there were twelve chapters to come. If you can make it past the first two chapters then there is quite a journey ahead.

Chapters three through twelve are where the meat sticks to the bone. Some may critique the game as a God of War clone but that's not necessarily a bad badge to wear. What's important is the content not the cover and the pages read Castlevania. From a gaming perspective this portion of Castlevania brings much enjoyment. A fantastic and lengthy part of the game packed with so much content and beautiful scenery ready to be posted to your desktop. A wonderfully orchestrated score worthy of a night out to the Boston symphony. Well designed combat based on skills that you can purchase at any time given you have acquired enough of the game's currency. Well designed and animated chapter ending enemies that truly invoke a sense of awe. A theatre worthy dramatic narrative voiced by Patrick Stewart. Imaginative puzzles and mini games, but perfectly presented such a way that you will not think of consulting a hint guide. What Castlevania does best, above all it's wonderful attributes is that the game takes the player on a journey. Few games have ever communicated such a fantastic sense of journey and the connection made by the game to the player in this respect is remarkable.

If it all would of ended with Chapter 12.

Apparently, for those unfamiliar with the history behind the production of the dlc, Castlevania Lords of Shadow was a huge success. So much so that Konami was caught off guard by how well the game sold. Konami had planned no dlc for Castlevania Lords of Shadow but hurriedly produced chapters thirteen and fourteen to capitalize of the success of the game.

What's wrong with the dlc is that it appears that Konami could of sold the two chapters as one chapter and that they split them into two for profit. $20 in total at the time of release. Content that would not approach one chapter of the main game. As a whole they are short, have annoying plat-forming sequences based on precision not present in the main game. The dlc incorrectly purports to tie up any loose ends left by the ending put in place by chapter 12. If you skip the dlc you aren't missing anything. Further, there are no professionally produced staged intermediary scenes as contained in the main game, only immersion jerking sketches left to tell the story of our hero. The sketches are so poorly done in places that I could not discern what was happening upon finishing the dlc.

Finishing the dlc. Let us cross that bridge into the ultimate abyss. The dlc amazingly gets worse. What awaits you at the end of the dlc is unfortunately a most frustrating experience. Given that you have traversed such an expansive game and have taken the time to trudge through the cretinous dlc, you may be compelled to try and finish chapter fourteen. If you so choose then I wish you good luck.


To supplement my comments, noting that as a matter of record, Konami has called the dlc a mistake and that senior management thought it would be a good idea and the dlc was rushed.
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