Rik   Hoogeveen, Drenthe, Netherlands
- Male
- 18 years old
- Birthday: 29 September
Other accounts:
- Battle.net : Swoosh#21404
- Paladins: Sw00sh

Memes :steamsalty:

Laptop specs:

- Asus ROG GL553VD-DM665T

CPU: Intel Core i5-7300HQ
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 2gb vram
RAM: 8 gb (expandable to 32gb)
SSD: 256GB

Nice craft:
Swoosh.( º ͜ʖ º) has crafted: The Doublecross-Comm
[PP] [S-Donator]Swoosh.( º ͜ʖ º) : dayum

:survivor_face: :saviorsjohn:

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Ayy im Swoosh ,

- I play alot of TF2 in my free time. Actually too much
- I main Soldier and Sniper.
- Favorite server(s): NeonHeights' Trade Servers.
- Moderator on NHS
- S-Donator on NeonHeights' Trade servers

"ecks dee"

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12:25 - Festive Swoosh: ok
12:25 - Smitty: ok
12:25 - Festive Swoosh: yes
12:25 - Smitty: yes
12:25 - Festive Swoosh: fine
12:25 - Smitty: fine

kashryan1127 : stop putting anime on the walls

Favorite Group
NeonHeight's Servers - Public Group
The original servers that started the trade_minecraft_neon map! We run HLDJ enabled Trade servers to hang out in, 24/7.
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I Bring A poem

scribbledy bibbledy hoodelly hoo
wing wang bricka bang choo choo choo
upsideup popsicle tastes like blue
ghosts in the hall go boo boo boo
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hello! sorry for scare, but just notice profile on the Steam Community. you know how hard it are to find girls who play video game nowadays??? well, Im glad I stumble apon this little prof cause I gotta say.... ur prety cute!! ^ ((sorry for scare, no trouble ) well... I was wondering if u wanted to play CS:GO with me (Im an awper, so I can carry my little princes if need. =-}) CUZ I really want someone to comp wit me.. hey hey, maybe even I could get you skin as little gift. you like startak? Me too, me too. anyways any, do you maybe have Skype? (no scare. no scare, I iust like meating eye to eye.) if we skype, I think we could have some good buddy commucation. :)) ( i can even turn down my dubstep music in the background if you want...) add me if you want please, I jsit need friend maybe even girlfriend, to play video with.m I can be the perfect guy for you, trust!! ill buy whatever, do whatever, okay?? jsit pick up that phone and CALL. :)
💜 Khaos 💜 Mar 4 @ 10:06am 
sorry for this
Swoosh Feb 26 @ 4:01am