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Nathan Swann   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Dont add me back if ur autistic. I dont like you. Have a nice day *cunt*

Removed 200+ people in an instant cuz im just an absolute beast

Mansluts and girls that give mansluts attention should rethink their lives.

If celery is 90% water and u walk on it are you 90% jesus?

Favourite Logs :

You just wasted your time reading this. muwhahahaha

Fuck Nina and Rasmus. They suck dick.Massive Dick. But seriously, Fuck Rasmus he has his head up Nina's ass. Lil ass muncher.
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Swainey / Swanmeister / Dutty damage
Participant medals for winning Iron and Steel luuuuuuuuuuul

Autist list :

Laura ( Infected) - 20 Units of Autism

Best Game is Euro Truck Sim 2 . Cant beat that shit.

UGC _____

HL Iron S18 - Englanda - 1st (Demo)
HL Steel S19 - Englanda - 1st (Demo)
HL Silver S20 - Englanda - 1st (Demo)
HL Plat S21 - Englanda - Kicker of autistic people

6s Steel - 5th (Demo)
6s Platinum - 8th LOL XD (Demo)


HL S11 - Mid/high - Cheese Burger - Demo
HL S12 - Mid - Yung Thugs - Soldier

6s - Open - Sports Candies - Somewhere - Demo
6s - Open - Sports Candies - Somewhere - Demo
6s - Open - Yung Wolves - Demo

As you can see i play alot of Demo

I was going to put a list of quotes here but i got tired and fell asleep...

PC Specs?

MSI gtx 1050ti 4gb

intel i5-6402P @2.8GHz processor

16gb ram

Windows 10

And some other nerdy stuff
Oh and i use a Razor Deathadder 1600dpi.

Slowly Retiring in TF2 #ReviveSwanny

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1.4 hrs on record
last played on May 28
3,516 hrs on record
last played on May 28
80 hrs on record
last played on May 28
guru May 12 @ 1:49pm 
MSI gtx 1050ti 4gb yet plays at 1366 x 768 resolution
Middle May 9 @ 3:39pm 
why the fuck is porky not on the autist list?
Cronk May 1 @ 2:47pm 
Today 📅📅📅 is MAY DAY 👷❗️❗️👷 Most people 👥👥 are forced to work 🔨📞💻 for PROFIT 💲💹💹🏧 but I would work 🔨📞💻 for YOU 👦 👧 because YOU'RE MY COMRADE 💪👬👭💂❗️❗️ Send 📨📧 to 5 comrades who appreciate 😊👍 your LABOR 🔨🔧 or be EXPLOITED 💵💰🚨🚓 by the BOURGEOISIE 🚬🔫🔪💸💸💸❗️❗️
Tatty G Apr 27 @ 3:23pm 
Just removed 300 people +corsinnt am i mentor worthy yet
gives me conniptions Apr 24 @ 9:22am 
Lucky fucker dodged a bullet.

The bullet being my fist.
dvs :x Apr 1 @ 3:11am 
I want Guy Fieri to fill my holes with barbecue sauce, then stick me in the oven at a low heat (About 100° to 110° F) for 5 hours, until I'm loosened up. Then, he will eat the barbecue bake that was slowly created in my asshole with his fingers. Once he is finished with his once in a lifetime meal, he will load up is Troll Chode, slather it in more barbecue sauce, then take my asshole to flavor town. As his Girthy Sausage writhes in ecstacy, I will clench the gates of pleasure to cut off his delicious member, and let it marinate in me until I die, when it will be served to all members of my funeral as a delicacy.