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First off, I will not add people I don't know at all. I hate you However, if I actually know you, you are tolerated in my life.

I just like keeping my friendslist clean and only to people I know or am close with, so if you want to add me, leave a comment as to why . If you don't I WON'T accept your friend request at all, sorry. The only exception to this rule is me knowing you, it's that easy. Essentially whether I'll accept your friend request or not is up to the reason you can give me in the profile comments below (so give me a good one) or whether I feel like adding people or not.
Just bear in mind that I generally don't add people often.

You can, however, join my steam group or my discord server [](especially this one) if you want to contact me easily.

Other than that, nothing to say here. I like playing videogames and I'm inherently bad at them, even if people keep telling me otherwise. Oh, and I make YouTube videos sometimes that a couple people seem to enjoy.

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Nelg Dec 8 @ 11:21am 
Your TF2 backgrounds are making my life worth it
Samsy Dec 3 @ 11:56am 
You seem to be nice and funny
Wundermedia Dec 3 @ 10:23am 
Chap' Duck Dec 2 @ 11:36am 
faggote~ suck my dick
Wookie Dec 2 @ 11:31am 
Need help with a Blackwonder server