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I like to draw, but I have no style. I make videos, but I have no ideas.
I collect games, but I have no money. I watch anime, but still no waifu. (Except Maki 1093%)
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G'day mate. My name is Jugenmijugenmugokunosurikekaijarisugesugematsufunfaimatsufuraimatsukurunetokoronisumiyapparikojiyapparikojibaibobaibobaibobaishuringashuringanugurundaigurindainobomboribombonanojoukruumechosuke. You happened to come across my profile, (leave a comment!). I'm a pretty experienced gamer. I play all types of genres and know what to expect out of each game. I will accept anyone's friend request, no matter what level. Even scammers! Everyone's welcome!

Yare Yare Daze..
I'm a lover of all things retro! Whether it be games, computers, anime, music and cars.

In my spare time, I take the role of editing videos. I have a decent (?) YouTube Channel with interesting videos. They're pretty random and have nothing to do with anything. I'm heading towards reviewing retro games and modern technology. I can draw. Not perfectly, but I can. Woah, you actually think my art is good? I might make some animations one day, some day. I also know how to program/code games, but don't expect me to be part of Anonymous I own the Steam Developer License if you're wondering (Thanks to RegularPcGamer, honestly the most generous person I've met).

PC Specs
CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-3820 @ 3.8Ghz (no need for over clock tbh)
RAM: 32 GB DDR3 @1333MHz (various brands)
GPU: Gigabyte NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 1060 Xtreme Gaming 6GB

Monitor: ViewSonic VX2703mh-LED (1080p, 60Hz)
Mouse: Logitech G300s
Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow Tournament Stealth Edition 2014

People Who Make My Time On Steam Enjoyable.
My Waifu 4 Laifu <3
yoyothedope ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Just a regular gamer; RegularPcGamer
A Mega Clumsy Maid
Five Nights With Phoenix
Global Sinister
Human Form Of Memes
Great Russian Memer
In Da Club Doing Aegis Reflector
did you make the game yet
Mini NES
Vlokken Hell m8

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SuperScore: I buy SFV on release date
SuperScore: Same day my gaming laptop stops working
Saucy Dipwad: mega rip
SuperScore: gg
Saucy Dipwad: ryu in peace

"u ur slowly becoming an atom of cancer strike. Rip bby 20XX-2016" - Frosty

YoyoThe3rd: feg
SuperScore: no u

MegaSomari: Is it a better joke than Corrin in Smash... wait, that's a thing. Ooooooh.

ironsm4sh: get meme'd

𝕀𝕟𝕗-𝕏: And here, my memes is the majestic Super Score of kingdom Jamimalia. It is a very sophisticated creature and it likes many things, and since it is very docile it is the perfect pet. However, watch your mouth because it gets very sentimental when you say the 3 letter or 3 word word/sentence... gpu. So watch out guise. And remember don't get tricked by his View more info trick!

MegaSomari: Everyone is MY friend.
MegaSomari: ;) I don't hold back
SuperScore: Even KeemStar?
MegaSomari: ...
SuperScore: Hehe
MegaSomari is now Offline.

MegaSomari: Would you rather be a generic complainer of the Sonic fanbase being a main reason why Sonic doesn't get good games/Major furry of the FNaF fanbase and actively draw and support FNaF R34/Avid defender of the Undertale fanbase and boast how much better it is than the best RPGs in the genre.

Ekan: I have cat. You've probably got a lizard or a dog. Since you live in the town Australia in Canada imported from Poland made in France created in China.

SuperScore: >pencil touched papaer
Phoenix: papaer
Phoenix: it gonna be colored or nah?
SuperScore: Ye
SuperScore: Gonna sketch it first
Phoenix: fuck ye b0i
SuperScore: then make it digital
SuperScore: and colour it in
Phoenix: Dude you could become a hentai artist

MegaSomari: Etika ate Lotion and Soap on stream. One day, it'll all end on CAMERA; LIVE. Quote me on that.
MegaSomari: He chugged about 1/2 cup of Moonshine. Drank two bottles at once.

YoYo | Forever Silver 3 is now Online.
YoYo | Forever Silver 3 has changed their name to Weeabooo.
SuperScore has changed their name to ONI-CHAAAAAAAN~.
ONI-CHAAAAAAAN~ has changed their name to SENPAAAAAAAAAAAAAI~.
SENPAAAAAAAAAAAAAI~ has changed their name to Pomf Pomf Kimochi~.
Pomf Pomf Kimochi~ has changed their name to <=To Be Continued=|\|/|.
<=To Be Continued=|\|/| has changed their name to CS:GO™ For Nintendo Switch®.
CS:GO™ For Nintendo Switch® has changed their name to nigga come at me.
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nigga come at me has changed their name to chew on this nig.
chew on this nig has changed their name to SuperScore.
BOT Eugene has changed their name to Not SuperScore.

MegaSomari: There's no way and no room of Felicia getting a vote from me
MegaSomari: 13 Total Votes.
MegaSomari: There's no way.
SuperScore: ;d
MegaSomari: If there is room. I'll personally send you a picture of my vote and the BEST image of Felicia hentai I can find without catching them bugs.

SuperScore: kawaii :3
Phoenix: traps are cute ;333

SuperScore: Damn though, I'm a Senior now.
winsinnia: yes you are senpai kun sama desu kara
SuperScore: OwO
winsinnia: kami-sama?? what is the matter ~

SuperScore: Don't get frick-erred
LucySomari: What are you Chadtronic?

-pyrex-: "How to create a new asshole"
-pyrex-: step one:
-pyrex-: play usifv with sammy

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KADONN_ 18 hours ago 
If a illegal immigrant fought a child molester would it be called "Alien vs. Predator?"
haly Jun 22 @ 10:59pm 
+rep beat joel in 2 rounds of heritage
SuperScore Jun 22 @ 6:20pm 
Legit what even is my comment section anymore lmao
空の雲☁ Jun 22 @ 5:48pm 
Phantom blood doesn't make sense since ghosts don't have periods.
Therefore dio didn't fought Jonathan and kakyion is best boy.
It was oshisage Kira who did it
Jun 22 @ 9:24am 
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