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About Me
I am not reading chats anymore but I will read comments!

Call me Sushi 마리나 불러주세요
I do change my profile picture often :bpenguin: 프로필 사진이 자주바뀝니다~
I read a lot of light novels 라이트노벨을 많이 읽습니다
I love sushi and sushi and sushi 전 스시를 엄청나게 사랑합니다..
I love all kinds of music especially Electronics 모든 장르의 음악을 듣습니다!
I love to comment on profiles 코멘트 다는걸 엄청 좋아합니다! 많이 해주세요~
I do not play games seriously! 캐주얼 게이머입니다! 욕같은건 삼가해주세요!
I do not trade, do not send me offers 이유없이 보내는 교환은 거절합니다

Chat Information
Online | 온라인
→ I read most chats! 거의 모든 채팅을 읽습니다!
Online (Mobile) | 온라인 (모바일)
→ I only read from ones I chat most 자주 채팅하는 분들 것만 읽습니다
Away | 자리비움
→ I cannot read but will read when I come back 자리에 돌아오면 꼭 읽습니다ㅎㅎ
Busy | 바쁨
→ I will not read until the work is done 하던걸 끝낼때까지 안읽습니다
Offline | 오프라인
→ I do not understand why you send chat at this time 이때 채팅 보내는분 노이해..!
In Game | 게임중
→ As I said on top, I do not read chats during game 게임중일때는 채팅 안읽습니다..!

Please do not add me for trades or beg for items 스팀 구걸하려고 친추하지말아주세요!
I love to comment but not steam chat 스팀 채팅보다 프로필 코멘트를 더 좋아합니다!
Please respect one's interest 서로의 취향은 꼭 존중합시다!
Please no Links or Hates on comments! 프로필에 링크랑 나쁜말은 삼가해주세요!
Do not add me for Korean Game Accounts , This is serious offense
I do not take game invites if not playing together 같이 할때 아니면 게임초대 거절합니다
I do not read chats during game 게임중일땐 채팅 거의 안읽습니다...! 주의해주세요!
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This is a Collection for Anime/Manga themed games. My goal for this collection is to show that Steam is a suitable marketplace for games like these. If i mis a game or so just comment or pm me ~<3. I hope you find some game´s u like.
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Created by - Airi 💕
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Mikasa🌸 5 hours ago 
Why not :3
QcFaded99 8 hours ago 
you are a female ... why do you like ecchi stuff ...
ForeveR ♕ 9 hours ago 
Have an awesome day! my friend

DJ Khaled gamdom.com 12 hours ago 
Thanks, ill look into them!
DJ Khaled gamdom.com 12 hours ago 
hey i plan on traveling to australia soon , noticed you're from there. Any cities/towns you'd recommend?
ForeveR ♕ 14 hours ago 
Have an awesome day! my friend