tricky ricky
Ivan Trotsky   Vsevolozhsk, Leningrad, Russian Federation
stupideye: hey kyle do you listen to NWA?
piggycan99: no i dont really watch basketball


Bailey Shirtliff: hey luc could you bring your laptop?
Ian Smith: why
Bailey Shirtliff: .....
porn hub
Ian Smith: ........
Lûc Carriere: ye we watch porns
on my laptop
Ian Smith: do we touch ourselves or no
Lûc Carriere: what
what the fuck
Bailey Shirtliff: no


mbbird: sometimes i do coke


To Blastoise: join this channel
[12:07:55 AM] stupideye entered channel.
[12:09:54 AM] Blastoise: nope
[12:09:56 AM] Blastoise: niggah plz
[12:10:03 AM] Blastoise: this is mah bestfriend stinsvamp
[12:10:32 AM] To Blastoise: lol have fun with your dead friend
[12:10:51 AM] Blastoise: dude hes not dead he just didnt wanna talk to you cuz he could sense your faggits


Blastoise: ur gay pwend
The Baby: nerde
Blastoise: fight me
The Baby: i will kick your ass
Blastoise: NOPE
The Baby: dude your so ez
The Baby: i wouldnt even need to try
Blastoise: i will strangle you with my fat


hey guys, my emulator is really slow and laggy, how do i make it faster?
Devin Pouteau
faster computer?
Luke James Rush
anyother way lol
cuz i think if my comp can you lol, it can run bloody pokemon
James Murray
can you lol
Luke James Rush
Yeh i can
shit.. i just saw my error, its ment to be run
James Murray
Devin Pouteau
Selkci Plum
Luke James Rush
this site seems to good to be true
Devin Pouteau
oh its legit alright
Luke James Rush
well i did it
Devin Pouteau
no way
Luke James Rush

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Are you my dad
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Mega Cum loud in you :)))))))))))