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Came across this as well. Chapter 5 was jarring as hell. If I recall correctly, the question about drinking was asked across different chapters, so I role-played my character trying a drink or two between chapters (a few months in game time, it's high school, people experiment). Got SLAMMED with that meaningless 'you're a cheaturr OMG we can't be friends gg bye' ending which just felt terrible. I adored the first four chapters, fifth was just - what the hell, where is this coming from?

E: In the current version, it's a really reductive experience, reminds me of a badly designed raid. You either do things exactly as the designer wanted you to (pure consistency), or fail painfully (and in my case fairly pointlessly). That is extremely unsatisfying design. That last chapter and forced design tanks my rating from a strong 8.5/10 to a pithy 6/10.

2nd E: Tried replaying it from chapter 1, and I honestly couldn't. It felt cheap being forced to be alert for a few specific dialogue choices in a 2 hour game to get anywhere near a 'sane' ending. Both characters just feel like moody puppets now, instead of lively renditions of some of the people I used to talk to back on AIM in the day. Yeah. Locking in that 6/10 rating.
Aug 4 @ 10:13pm
In topic Toggle for Skip
Can we have a toggle for skip? Holding a button down does get annoying, thanks!
Aug 4 @ 5:34am
In topic Initial thoughts
Alright, more time in, further impressions:
Voice acting is fine, not fantastic, but very serviceable
Depth of Field really brings a lot to the table here, loving its deployment here, the game really, really looks nice
Plot starts out pretty slow, but a few moments like the sales hidden sidequest really shine for their foreshadowing value
Everyone has the same body type, especially the female characters, and that doesn't really help trying to distinguish the town NPCs out from one another (Trails in the Sky avoided this by perhaps having a lower NPC/area density and more distinct clothing/personas for the NPCs at the same time)
Really not feeling Rean is anywhere near as interesting a protagonist as Estelle/Joshua or Kevin/Ries, and that's honestly a let down for now.
Music's good as of now, but nothing amazing yet
Using the archer to initiate overworld attacks makes sneak attacks near effortless as long as you walk the peep to the edge of their area and then wait for them to turn, haven't NOT had a sneak attack since I got her.
CTRL is your best friend. Seriously.
Aug 4 @ 5:27am
In topic Version 1.1 (Build 2011989) patch notes
Thanks for the quick patch and the camera sensitivity toggle!
Aug 3 @ 11:38pm
In topic Initial thoughts
Originally posted by Cold_Steel:
Originally posted by StrykerL:
Ambushing enemies as of now feels impossible, they turn on a dime the second you come near them, I'm guessing there'll be an ability to stun them from range soon

You can slash them, then move a little, then slash them again and repeat until you can slash them from behind, which will stun them, and if you walk into them while stunned you will gain an advantage.

You could also get them to chase you until they get tired and turn back, and then you can slash them form behind.There was another way, I think, where you can get them to chase you and then switch your character and the enemy will pause and go back. Sprinting will draw the enemy's attention, but if you don't sprint you can sneak up behind them, I think.

Been trying that, but it seems too much effort for random encounters. Let me try the not-sprinting method
Aug 3 @ 11:31pm
In topic Initial thoughts
Originally posted by Keio:
What I liked about the chest messages in The 3rd was the trivia or fun facts they included about the development history of Trails. Those were really interesting to read, and normally people don't actively look for that stuff outside the game.
Agreed, but all the funny rebukes about excessive greed were hillarious as well
Aug 3 @ 11:30pm
In topic Initial thoughts
Originally posted by UpcomingDread:
Ctrl will fastforward everything but dialogue, and i'm sure they are working on the other stuff you mentioned.

THANK YOU! I was using RMB, and that was FFing everything.

Additional thoughts: Face animations are odd, and lip syncing more so (which are problems with the move to 3D, the older trails didn't need to worry about that)
The skip button in combat (space) is a godsend
Ambushing enemies as of now feels impossible, they turn on a dime the second you come near them, I'm guessing there'll be an ability to stun them from range soon
Aug 3 @ 11:16pm
In topic Initial thoughts
I loved seeing the chest jokes evolve in the Trails in the Sky series, till they were trying hiding entire stories in the third part (which wasn't the most enjoyable idea, but points for innovation nonetheless). They really added charm to dungeons, considering 1 and 2 are out, I hope they come back in a big way in 3. Really neat story though, thanks for sharing it :)
Aug 3 @ 10:54pm
In topic Initial thoughts
Also, chests no longer have flavor text after opening them. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Aug 3 @ 10:53pm
In topic Initial thoughts
Need a way to reduce mouse sensitivity, battle ending animations are way better than Trails in the Sky, why does sidestepping interrupt running, why can't fast forward NOT skip dialogue (I just want to skip the long pauses between conversation/action, which this series has way too many of). On the whole, still getting used to third person camera from the top down of the earlier series. The setup menu (before loading the game) is extremely well done, showing screenshots of the outcomes of settings - more games need this.
Originally posted by marzgamingmaster:
Originally posted by NakedMaster:

Sorry if that drug on, but hopefully it gives you the information you were looking for. :3

Thank you for that, I was really curious to know what the story implications were. What was your final plan percentage, I wonder what would have happened if the plan had succeeded
Jul 27 @ 3:17am
In topic Ironman mode, please!
I know, I know I don't need to rewind games, but I'd like an Ironman mode just the same :)
Jul 27 @ 3:16am
In topic study forage or mentor
I'd recommend Study 8x, then mentor, then forage when the other two aren't as useful. E.g. Study gives EVERYONE a +1 to a stat, with forage you may find an item that gives + 1 to one person. Plus, as long as you're doing challenges, you really don't need to buy anything other than dust which you can get selling mushrooms and plants from the caravan
Jul 26 @ 8:51pm
In topic NG+
Originally posted by kid_zomb:

That being said, it's reasonable that folks like you who might have played and enjoyed our New Game Plus modes in Bastion or Transistor would hope to see the same in Pyre. Let us know specifically what you would have wanted to see here, if anything. Part of the reason we didn't pursue it with Pyre was that the game just wouldn't work (or work well) if you started over with all your characters at a high level already. On the other hand, maybe the idea of playing again vs. significantly more challenging adversaries would have been appealing.

Things I'd look forward to in NG+

1) Titan Stars available from the get go (they can be normal stars in the beginning?)
2) More commentary from Sandra towards the endgame, or even in general. She fills in a role of a mentor/confidant character and I felt that angle was underused towards the end as there were less challenges left to unlock. Her silence is justified within the setting, but I still would like more interactions :)
3) An interaction book, which points out interesting story moments, that unlocks only in NG+ For example, I ran Jodariel and Pamitha against the Harp team, and Pamitha's mid-game plea was my favorite moment of the game. If I could know similar opportunities in advance, I'd plan my teams and game differently (another example is Fae and the team with father/adopted son duo)
4) Skip Read Text as an option
5) A way to read missed text, once or twice I clicked at the wrong moment and missed text I did not plan to
6) League mode: Face off against the other factions with progression and not necessarily any story content beyond generic jibes - adding meta progression to the versus mode (this would be a separate mode/ version of versus mode, not NG+)
7) Now this is being greedy, but something like Bastion/Transistor's nod towards this being a replay wouldn't be out of place. One example would be to know Sandra's time in captivity and give her an exact number when she asks whether you know how long she's been trapped
8) To be even more greedy, a few more events would not hurt at all (though this is outright greed, because the core game has enough for atleast two playthroughs, maybe three, but it's all so well done I can't help but ask for more)
9) Similarly, another map or two that only unlock on NG+ OR alternate map barriers on NG+ would be nice (e.g. flowing lava or a river on a map in NG+).

On the whole, this is one of the strongest games I've played this year and I am delighted by it, though the requests I've made above would make it an even stronger experience in my mind. Thanks SGG for this one, yet again :)
Jul 26 @ 6:25am
In topic [Light Spoilers] Hero Plan%
Originally posted by Genzïegler:
Really? I let everyone but Sir Gilman and Ti'Zo free and the plan succeeded though..
You gain 2% every campaign win, it seems, haven't lost yet so no idea how that'd affect matters
Jul 26 @ 6:04am
In topic [Light Spoilers] Hero Plan%
Originally posted by ruff1298:
It seems to be an artefact of development, for I've seen no such stats, and winning all seven Liberation Rites and setting free everyone but yourself, Volfred, and Bertrude results in 100% success.

Thanks for sharing that, so I guess it makes sense to send people after they've hit a level, I sent Hweyn out when he was a whisker short of level 4, got a +8% plan
Jul 26 @ 5:37am
In topic [Light Spoilers] Hero Plan%
Somewhere before the second liberation, they mentioned that an exile's past affected their impact on the plan if liberated. I couldn't see any number to that extent anywhere, so is that just a hint, or am I missing an information screen somewhere? Cheers, loving the music!
Help, I've played 8 games now (one with each character), and all I can figure out is this game is random as hell. In the worst way possible. Getting anything other than a tap out - prestige victory feels impossible, twice I've had 4/5 magic stones but got ganked/ruined on the way, my frustration at the game is pretty pretty high right now. I'll try burning as many cards as possible, but doesn't that ruin your combat rolls?

Is it possible to burn cards outside of combat?
Also, followers feel impossible to get
Jun 22 @ 11:29pm
In topic Further content possibilities?
Originally posted by Prometheus:
Well I had a few ideas for further content. I too wanted more out of it.

- Catalog: You are rich, buy up levels of your luxury living or other things (Megamansions, art galleries, rarities, cars & yachts)

- Family: Late game gets kinda boring if you play it right, there's no way to lose. What if you had siblings or kids whining to you for money like you did to Daddy?

- Immortality/Golden Parachute: Maybe a way to make yourself immortal and live out eternity on a space mansion

- Crush/Swindle enemies: The whole leader board is kinda useless in game, maybe if there was a way to spite or swindle your enemies to get options. CRUSH your enemies

- Good Guy Ending: Adjust your cashflows or choices and you get the Good Guy ending, and the wars/environmental collapse are avoided or blamed on someone else.

The lack of a good guy ending was disappointing, I was trying to acquire and shut down dubious tech, but I was just getting mobbed for closing business down. I get it that the game's humor is in taking the darker road, but and ending where you tried doing right (and ended failing anyways) would have added a lot of value. As it is, the endings are way to plain straightforward and simple, and a lot of other things (such as rivalries with other rich folks/gettogethers) could have been added.
Originally posted by crimsonedge11:
Originally posted by StrykerLegend:
How do you map it?

Edit => Settings => Hotkeys = Toggle the speed hack => set key

You have my thanks. I found about speed hacking during SC, finished it in 43 hours (three less than I finished FC on normal speed), with all the achievements I wanted (and full Bracer Points). I hear it would take ~60 hours otherwise, the combat, which takes the bulk of your time, is just way too long. Finished 3rd (pretty much all achievements) in 48 hours on Normal. Atleast two hours of those were optimizing team gear and quartz, of which atleast one hour was before the final section.
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