The Chosen One   Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
"pyccknn.xd" - Evil Doctor Boris Ivanovich Pyccknn, Ph.D

Hello, I am a person.

There are many of these,

And just like all of them, I have my own opinion, and i'll tell you it so you don't go asking me shitty questions, which may get you blocked for.

I do not like:
Anything Undertale, and undertale itself
Shitty music
Annoying people
FNAF, and anything fnaf related.
FNAF music or ut music (in the "shitty music" category)
Spiders, all spiders, small spiders, big spiders, and tarauntula's
And those are the ones that you need to know

But I like:
And good music (dubstep, ok? Just dubstep,don't link me shitty music that isn't part of the Dubstep category)((And "We Are No.1"))

If you play ROBLÓX, you have a very good chance finding me on Lumber Tycoon 2, using the name "RoboArnas"
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Dood, you have to know dis shit bout' me!
Also, do not friend me for trading, I do not give 2 single shits about trading with strangers, ok?

if you wanna be my friend ur gonna need to tell me y 1st.

I have my own personal opinion, if u disagree with it, just, just drink bleach and die.
You don't deserve to live on this planet for disagreeing with someone ELSES opinion, just kys.

Also, I have notifications off becuase people kept messaging me and spamming me while I was doing shit in games.So I will answer all messages whenever I exit a game and check the messages.

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May I friend you?
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thankfully i wished to not get love, but using my thinking, I don't have to post it anywhere and i'll get free love. ;p
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+rep exalted blade op