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Stix Feb 23 @ 3:11pm 
yeah yeah bro, get a life, U come to me to talk about class, when ur the nooberino who came to brag on my profile, real class from u bro, keep it up.
VUORI Feb 23 @ 8:01am 
Hey, no need to be rude to me, nooberino. I take your word that you're not German; a German would never have a mouth as filthy as you do. Germans have class and most importantly, they have respect for other people.They don't have to fight against their own insecurities and inabilities to play the easiest video game in the world by continuously bashing other people.

And yes, bro, I sure have more experience than you. Not that much, but still noticeably. And I must admit, never have I met anyone with over 600 hours (which is the equivalent to approximately 26,5 days) who would play as bot-like as you do. For a while I seriously had to check whether I was matching against a bot or was it a real player that was calling me an "auto noob" throughout the match. :csgohelmet:
Stix Feb 23 @ 7:23am 
GG bro u have more aim skill than me, so what? that does not make u a god, and u have 1khrs bro u have more experience than me
Stix Feb 23 @ 7:21am 
First of all i`m not german dumb prick, i live in germany, so dont even come and talk shit if u dont even know me
VUORI Feb 23 @ 7:11am 
It's unbelievable how a mere 70 years ago Germany was half of Europe, for I have never met worse CS:GO players than you Germans. Sorry to say this, bud. It's just, how you say in your country, "Wahrheit". I must say that your noob shenanigans were the sole reason for me to get a rank I wanted, so I guess you could say that even you have your place in the CS:GO community by being a target for everyone else. Auf Wiedersehen! :csgoct:
Stix Feb 23 @ 5:11am 
Says the guy who died then came behind me with the bot, and on top of that u have 1k hrs, go play minecraft