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11:59 PM - Rale: Didn't say that but I know she thinks it
Friday, November 3, 2017
12:00 AM - Rale: I'm never fucking wrong
12:00 AM - How to Medic?: Except when it comes to math
12:00 AM - How to Medic?: :^)
12:00 AM - Rale: Math is fake news
12:00 AM - How to Medic?: LOL

4:07 AM - 🍞 G.Bread™: Cute pic o:
4:07 AM - Tury: lol
4:07 AM - 🍞 G.Bread™: And yeah but I've been busy streaming ;-;
4:07 AM - Tury: It's pingu
4:07 AM - Tury: The penguin
4:07 AM - Tury: x3
4:07 AM - 🍞 G.Bread™: yes it goes boot boot ;3
4:07 AM - 🍞 G.Bread™: Noot noot *
4:07 AM - Tury: LOL
4:07 AM - Tury: boot boot
4:07 AM - 🍞 G.Bread™: Stooped iPhone >:c
4:07 AM - 🍞 G.Bread™: Shhhh

*DEAD* st4rwave : rale
*DEAD* st4rwave : what a god gamer

11:43 PM - Goldin: Dude I still play roblox for fuck sakes
11:43 PM - Goldin: That's how autistic I am

Never tell your password to anyone.
Monday, May 22, 2017
9:55 PM - Rale: need ringers?
9:57 PM - erp queen: yes
9:57 PM - erp queen: wtf you won silver
9:57 PM - Rale: yeah
9:57 PM - erp queen: i asked for steel ringers
9:58 PM - Rale: I can ring in steel
9:58 PM - erp queen is now Offline.

*DEAD* the spoi : ^totally easy

*DEAD* Murr-Man : learn to headshot sad zone

*DEAD* FappytheAntiMasturbationDolphin : sad zone stop beunbg a nigge
*DEAD* FappytheAntiMasturbationDolphin : flame at me
n00bir cs.money has found: The Winger
*DEAD* FappytheAntiMasturbationDolphin : ugh
*DEAD* FappytheAntiMasturbationDolphin : i hate nigger pyros
FappytheAntiMasturbationDolphin : that so nothing but run away and secondary
FappytheAntiMasturbationDolphin : ugh whats the point
FappytheAntiMasturbationDolphin : boring piles of shit

SLiK : sad's giving me cancer
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SLiK : he doesn't even gg

[DFS] Sunny ♥ : Scout do you have mad milk and fan o war?
[]G.E.W.P.[]Poot Train : nope
[UG] Pyri : i have those stuff
JustNoName was automatically assigned to team MANNCO
[DFS] Sunny ♥ : Please switch then
[UG] Pyri : kk
[DFS] Sunny ♥ : or we will kick you poot
[]G.E.W.P.[]Poot Train : :I
iDouglas : .-.
[]G.E.W.P.[]Poot Train : Well thats extremely rude
[]G.E.W.P.[]Poot Train left the game (Disconnect by user.)

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Dont forget this if you love your friend until the end of time
Assassin4nolan Nov 22 @ 3:15pm 
The Airstrike is Better than the Beggars in MVM
Kylo Ren Nov 15 @ 4:40am 
あははあやは田原あやや田和迫アナ金茶ゆう口へマスタ不和の命への靴へ治せよこほい野田部屋吸わぬツボの千里世話この命は nibba
Oreimo. Jul 8 @ 9:48pm 
Lmao we should play somethimes :3 hit me up
DpM shaayy May 24 @ 6:31pm 
ggs all May 18 @ 6:59am 
yzx: I'm a retard
yzx: like
yzx: I actaully have brain damage
i offclass in ultiduo: lmfao
i offclass in ultiduo: nice
i offclass in ultiduo: me2 most of the time
yzx: I was submitting the password to ur 6's team
i offclass in ultiduo: my 6s team?
yzx: yeah
i offclass in ultiduo: plow kings?
yzx: *4's team
i offclass in ultiduo: you were gonna join my 4s team?
i offclass in ultiduo: lolwut
yzx: I thought it was the HL team
yzx: I misread it lol
i offclass in ultiduo: ROFL
i offclass in ultiduo: god dammit tury
i offclass in ultiduo: i sent you the damn link to the hl team
yzx: lol
i offclass in ultiduo: you actually are a degenerate lmao
i offclass in ultiduo: confirmed tury has extra chromosomes
yzx: lol