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Monday, May 22, 2017
9:55 PM - Rale: need ringers?
9:57 PM - erp queen: yes
9:57 PM - erp queen: wtf you won silver
9:57 PM - Rale: yeah
9:57 PM - erp queen: i asked for steel ringers
9:58 PM - Rale: I can ring in steel
9:58 PM - erp queen is now Offline.

*DEAD* Murr-Man : learn to headshot sad zone

*DEAD* FappytheAntiMasturbationDolphin : sad zone stop beunbg a nigge
*DEAD* FappytheAntiMasturbationDolphin : flame at me
n00bir cs.money has found: The Winger
*DEAD* FappytheAntiMasturbationDolphin : ugh
*DEAD* FappytheAntiMasturbationDolphin : i hate nigger pyros
FappytheAntiMasturbationDolphin : that so nothing but run away and secondary
FappytheAntiMasturbationDolphin : ugh whats the point
FappytheAntiMasturbationDolphin : boring piles of shit

SLiK : sad's giving me cancer
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SLiK : he doesn't even gg

[DFS] Sunny ♥ : Scout do you have mad milk and fan o war?
[]G.E.W.P.[]Poot Train : nope
[UG] Pyri : i have those stuff
JustNoName was automatically assigned to team MANNCO
[DFS] Sunny ♥ : Please switch then
[UG] Pyri : kk
[DFS] Sunny ♥ : or we will kick you poot
[]G.E.W.P.[]Poot Train : :I
iDouglas : .-.
[]G.E.W.P.[]Poot Train : Well thats extremely rude
[]G.E.W.P.[]Poot Train left the game (Disconnect by user.)

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yzx: I'm a retard
yzx: like
yzx: I actaully have brain damage
i offclass in ultiduo: lmfao
i offclass in ultiduo: nice
i offclass in ultiduo: me2 most of the time
yzx: I was submitting the password to ur 6's team
i offclass in ultiduo: my 6s team?
yzx: yeah
i offclass in ultiduo: plow kings?
yzx: *4's team
i offclass in ultiduo: you were gonna join my 4s team?
i offclass in ultiduo: lolwut
yzx: I thought it was the HL team
yzx: I misread it lol
i offclass in ultiduo: ROFL
i offclass in ultiduo: god dammit tury
i offclass in ultiduo: i sent you the damn link to the hl team
yzx: lol
i offclass in ultiduo: you actually are a degenerate lmao
i offclass in ultiduo: confirmed tury has extra chromosomes
yzx: lol
zaboomafoo May 17 @ 11:16am 
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