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Sperkle: come play minecraft with me
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PinkR 25 Apr, 2016 @ 4:47pm
if china is 12 hours ahead why didnt they warn us about 9/11 about 3 billion people dies omg

10:03 PM - Sperkle: jk i'd swipe left if i saw you on tinder ;)
10:03 PM - Monkeycow182: Wtf xD


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Complexity /Get Hypr Season 18 Steel Core Engineer 18th/26
Fancy Penguins Season 19 Steel Core Engineer 7th/19
Channel G Season 20 Steel Core Engineer 4th/15
Influxed (Channel G) Season 21 Steel Core Engineer 5th/13
K Pop Kuties Season 22 Plat Core Engineer /8
Kentucky Fried Charmander Season 22 AUS/NZ Core Pocket 5th/11
Seven Season 23 AUS/NZ Sub Pocket/Medic 6th/10
Seven Season 24 AUS/NZ Core Pocket /8
CODEKEEM Season 8 Iron Sub 1st/35
Catch the Wave Season 9 AUS/NZ Core Demoman 7th/10
R3Ch4rge Season 10 Steel AUS/NZ Medic 6th/13

6's Ozf
Missclick Season 18 Open Core Medic 6th/15
Help I'm Lagging Season 19 Open Sub Medic /13
Summer Cup 2016
Grandpa in my Pocket Summer Cup 2016 Open Sub Pocket/Med 10th/15

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mjones add me Jun 27 @ 7:52am 
i did not have sexual relations with that woman
Sperkle <3 Jun 26 @ 10:46pm 
No wait that's not American * the bush is my crib. Better?
Sperkle <3 Jun 26 @ 10:45pm 
The bush is my home
mjones add me Jun 26 @ 2:07pm 
australia is my city
mjones add me Jun 21 @ 8:51am 
Bunneez Jun 21 @ 6:45am 
+ripe sperkle rhymes with merc-able