Hitler Kaputt Mein Mercedes
Wanker   Indonesia
i died from operation health 2
cunt watch this
if u added me for no reason just drink an pepsi and think what have you done
and i hate if someone added me for no reason and doesn't tell the reason why he/she added me

-Race= Asian
-Skin tone = white so u can trust me just jk but it isnt black
-gender = male
-skillz = shit
-favorite fud = frog leg wtf ur a french

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get a VAC ation ☑
Steal hitler mercedes☑
play Last Debil Standing ☑
get youttube acc suspended ☑
hate romania ☑
have an community ban once ☑
remove kebab ☑
get 1 $ ⬜
live under a wage of 245$ a month ☑
be poor ☑
piss off 20 pepole ☑
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Not a nigger ☑
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1 year whit vac ☑
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Fought off the commie from italia ☑
Use The 卐☑

w8 did you see dat


my life info

Pc Specs
-gtx 1060 3 gb
-i3 3220
-100 gb ssd
-1 tb hard drive
-DDR3 8 gb ram

it can run roblox

my stats and rank in rainbow six siege

Kill assists
Penetration kills
Melee kills

WL ratio 1.18
KD ratio 1.23
Accuracy 0.24

Time played
Matches won
Matches Lost
Matches played
Kill/Death ratio (ranked)

This Season
WL ratio 1.1
KD ratio 1.0
Accuracy 0.24
Currently Offline
Last Online 13 hrs, 28 mins ago
1 VAC ban on record | Info
447 day(s) since last ban
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Recent Activity

978 hrs on record
last played on Sep 20
776 hrs on record
last played on Sep 20
4.7 hrs on record
last played on Sep 20
buckweed sandnibber Sep 17 @ 2:09am 
shaddos hihacked my acc eksde
Rootin Tootin Putin Sep 16 @ 8:54am 
i have a clinical depression . not even a small depression but a big fat clinically diagnosed depression . every day is a struggle for me . i do not know why i continue to live in this world .
harry birb Sep 16 @ 7:18am 
ty no nie wiem jak tam twoja szmaciura jebana zrogowaciala niedzwiedzica co sie kurwi pod mostem za wojaka i siada kurwa na butle od vanisha i kurwe w taczce pijana wozili po osiedlu wiesz o co chodzi mnie nie przegadasz bo mi sperme z paly zjadasz frajerze zrogowacialy frajerska chmuro chuj ci na matule i jebac ci starego !!!!
harry birb Sep 16 @ 7:13am 
Hello this is the administrator of PornHub™ we have noticed you  haven’t logged in for 2 weeks, we’re just checking to see if everything  is okay and we’ve prepared you a list of videos from your favourite  category (Gay Porn). See you soon!
Rama Sep 16 @ 6:15am 
i am no cancer,i am betman
Rootin Tootin Putin Sep 16 @ 3:29am 
i dont speak 🅱