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wanna playmayncwaft??lol
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gay lord
11 May 12 @ 5:07am 
11 #new sens: ill teach u a tagalog word
11 #new sens: you know bobo
11 #new sens: or tangaa?
kshrai: ik boob
kshrai: same letters
kshrai: does that count
11 #new sens: fcking helll
kshrai: xd
11 #new sens: XD
11 #new sens: bobo means stupid
kshrai: oh
kshrai: u know what we say for stupid here
kshrai: "baula"
kshrai: which actually literally translates to insane
kshrai: fun fact from speo
cac May 1 @ 1:31am 
%%%%% Mar 11 @ 6:59am 
invite me to just play dota pls